Will the real pungent ‘Ginger’ please stand up? The humble ginger (adrak) is the most common kitchen ingredient, which is found in almost every household. Ginger is the most common ingredient in many curries, tea. The root has been widely used in cookies, chocolates, cocktails, and even medicines. Even if you have never tried this knobbly sand-coloured root, there are many chances that you must be familiar with the flavor and the strong smell. People often describe its taste as spicy, warm, and sharp. Also Read - World Hearing Day 2021: Understanding Significance, Theme, And Objective of This Day

Since the onset of the Coronavirus, people shifted to ginger decoction to boost their immunity and fight the deadly coronavirus. But did you know fake ginger is selling like wildfire in markets these days? As much as we hate adulteration, it is difficult to escape it if there is a lack of awareness. Consuming fake ginger can hamper your health. Follow these tricks to identify the difference between fake ginger and real ginger. Also Read - Here's Why Yoga During Pregnancy is Beneficial For Mother and Child

Difference between fake ginger and real ginger:

Understanding the difference between ginger root and ginger: If you are out in the market to buy groceries and ginger is on the list, then the first step to identify the real ginger is by sniffing it. The smell of ginger is pungent and sharp, whereas fake ginger has no smell. Vegetable vendors often sell mountain roots that look exactly like ginger to make money. Also Read - 5 Essential Tips For Students Dealing With Stress During Board Exams 2021

Check the ginger peel: Pay attention to the peel. You can prick nails in the ginger, the peel will drop off and the pungent smell will stay in your hands. If the skin of the ginger is hard, do not buy it.

Beware of clean ginger: Do not opt for clean ginger. Many people like to buy clean ginger to save time washing them at home. But you must not do that as sellers often use acid to clean ginger, in such a scenario, you must avoid buying it.