Our love for coffee can never be explained. Irrespective of what your mood is, nothing is as revitalising as a perfect cup of coffee. Although sometimes, we do manage to hit all the right notes, nonetheless a couple of tips can go a long way in adding to its taste. For a lot of people, coffee is their only way of attaining nirvana. It acts as a big-time mood shifter, from a bad mood to a good mood with just a few sips.Also Read - Yoga For Digestion: Struggling With Improper Digestion ? Follow These Yoga Poses, Watch Video

A coin always has two sides. No matter how good and great it feels to consume caffeine, there is always a flip side to it. Ultimately, it boils down to one of the most important questions, is it healthy to consume caffeine daily? Less is more and in this case, it is highly recommended to avoid consumption of coffee altogether. Also Read - EXCLUSIVE: Fitness Trainer, Mrs. India Runner Up Diksha Chhabra Opens Up On Fighting Depression| Watch Video

Simrun Chopra, a nutritionist, and a Deep Health Coach says that one should avoid coffee if one has a slow metaboliser. Slow metaboliser means difficulty in processing and is also an indicator to see if a person can’t fall asleep after drinking coffee. In such cases, it is always the best to avoid caffeine post 3 pm and to just drink a cup every day, suggests Simrun. She also adds that black coffee works as a great pre-workout drink and have other health benefits. Also Read - Delhi Hospital Treats First Case of Black Fungus in Kidney, Lungs Post-Covid

A person is never too late to change and here are some reasons why one should consider before sipping a cup of coffee:

  • People should highly avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach.
  • For severe acidity issues, a person should either switch to decaf or eat something first and then drink coffee.
  • For people struggling with anxiety, either they should not consume caffeine beverages at all or they should opt for decaf.
  • It is always advisable to avail doctor’s consent on the consumption of caffeine, especially for pregnant or feeding women.
  • Added advantage for people with fast metaboliser, that is, people who can go to sleep after drinking coffee, it will work wonders. In other words, it is safe to consume coffee but not excessively.

“I would recommend sticking to 2,” says Simrun. Adding on to this, she also said that people should avoid going over 400mg of caffeine a day. Every aspect of caffeine has to be consumed within the given numbers. It also means that on average, only two to three cups should be consumed.

Are you now planning on cutting down your caffeine consumption level? 

(Written by: K.S.Swati)