Beer Is Beneficial For Health, Claims Portuguese University Research: Drinking a beer every day can improve your health. Scientists from Portugal’s Nova University, Lisbon, have made this claim in a research. They say that drinking beer daily with dinner increases the level of good bacteria in the stomach of men. This benefit comes from both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer.Also Read - WHO Issues Alert On 4 Indian Cough Syrups After 66 Gambian Kids Die | Watch Video

How the research was conducted?

19 adult men were included in the research. Their average age was 35 years. Also Read - Health Tips: Taking Nap After Your Meal? Stop Immediately, Things You Should Never Do Post Meal - Watch Video

All the people were asked to drink 325 ml of lager with dinner daily for 4 weeks. Also Read - Health Tips: Ayurvedic Herbs That Help Calm Down Anxiety And Depression | Watch Video

Some of the participants were given alcoholic and some non-alcoholic beer.

The alcohol content in the alcoholic lager was 5.2%. Such beer is kept in the strong category.

After 4 weeks of the trial, the stool and blood samples of these men were taken.

What did the research show?

The results of this research, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, say that drinking beer increases the number of good bacteria in the intestines. These bacteria are more diverse. This improves the health of the entire digestive system.

Scientists also found that drinking beer daily did not increase one’s weight or body mass index (BMI). Nor is there any problem related to blood, heart and metabolism.

How does beer increase good bacteria?

Scientists believe that beer contains compounds called polyphenols and micro-organisms formed after the process of rotting, which increase the good bacteria in the intestines. Health experts believe that it is important to have a diverse range of bacteria in the body. Failure to do so can lead to many health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes.