Benefits of Breast Feeding: Breastfeeding is just more than what most people think. In a really beautiful post recently, TV actor Ankita Bhargava said that breastfeeding is basically a conversation between a mom and her child.  As per WHO, new moms should exclusively breastfeed their newborns for six months without giving them any solids. However, there are many myths that stop new moms from breastfeeding their newborns. Here’s all you need to know about breastfeeding and how it’s more than just the process of providing food to your baby:Also Read - Can Breastfeeding Mothers Take Covid-19 Vaccine?

Benefits of Breast Feeding:

  • The process increases the mother-baby bond
  • Breast milk has all the vital nutrients for the newborns
  • Breast milk is easily digestible for the newborns
  • It prevents the risks of having ovarian cancer and breast cancer.
  • Breastfeeding helps in bringing the uterus size back to normal post-delivery
  • Breast milk is always at the right temperature for the baby
  • Breastfeeding burns around 500 extra calories a day
  • Breast milk has all antibodies required for the baby’s immunity, fighting infections, and preventing diseases

Newborn babies should be breastfed soon after or one hour after the delivery. Initially, it is colostrum (yellow coloured milk) which is very rich in vital nutrients for the baby. After 3-5 days, white milk is produced but the quantity is usually less for some new moms. For more breast milk production, babies should be fed more often daily. They should be fed every 2.5 hours on each side for 20 minutes. Since it’s easily digestible, babies get hungry too soon and they cry more often too. Eating foods rich in methi, coriander seeds, green leafy vegetable increases breast milk production. Make sure your foods are highly nutritious and you are drinking at least two glasses of milk daily to make up for the calcium loss which happens with feeding. Don’t do any extreme low carb or restrictive diets as it will reduce breast milk production. Also Read - Lactating Women Should Continue Breastfeeding Without Any Break After Vaccination: Centre

Who in the world can provide warmth, love, and affection like a mother! Breastfeeding or not, each mom is special and worth celebrating! Also Read - Yoga For Breastfeeding Mothers: Best Asanas And Mudras to Stay Calm, Strong And Agile

— Inputs by Soumya B Hegde, Nutritionist and Fitness Expert