Benefits of Running VS Benefits of Jumping Rope: As kids, all of us liked jumping rope. This has now turned into a very smart and one of the best exercises for workout. Running and jumping rope are proven beneficial. With so many options available, you might be thinking which is better, running or jumping rope. Fret not, we have you covered.Also Read - Benefits of Having Sattvic Food: How it Works Like an Immunity Booster And as a Tool For Effective Weight Loss

Weight Loss Exercise: Benefits of running

Running is considered an aerobic activity. It benefits the lungs and the heart. Along with this, sprints will also help in improving cardiovascular endurance. However, a treadmill or an open area will be required. Running also helps in mental health along with physical health advantages. Also Read - Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 32 Kilos, Reversed my Diabetes by Eating Dark Chocolate And Proper Food

  • Benefits of running: Keeps a tab on mental as well as physical health

Running helps in releasing chemicals like endorphins and serotonin in your brain. These chemicals reduce stress levels and anxiety. Running helps in reducing feelings of depression, loneliness, and isolation. This also improves the quality of sleep. Also Read - 5 Reasons Why Crash Diet Should be Completely Avoided For Weight Loss

  • Benefits of running: Helps in cleansing lungs

Running helps in removing excess carbon dioxide, decongesting mucus, and even phlegm. Running helps in building endurance capacity in respiratory muscles, efficient breaths, and prevents lung disorders.

Weight Loss Exercise: Benefits of jumping rope

Jumping rope helps in strengthening lung, cardiac and calorie burning. It is a perfect indoor exercise as you don’t need a treadmill. This is useful for people who do not like to go out.

  • Benefits of jumping rope: Helps in losing weight

One minute of jumping rope can burn 10-16 calories. This also means that if you skip rope for 30 minutes and divided it into three 10-minute rounds, you can burn up to 480 calories. An eight-minute mile is equal to 10 min of jumping rope. You can also lose fat faster in this way.

  • Benefits of jumping rope: Helps in strengthening lower body muscles

It helps in making your lower body muscle stronger. It also puts less strain on your knees, improves ankle stability, and helps in developing the shape of your calves. It is a good exercise for people who have an injury and are not allowed to run.

Both running and jumping rope are considered the best cardiovascular workout routine. Running and jumping rope help in correcting the posture and movement of the body. However, the choice solely depends on you and the situation you are in.