The world is still reeling from the major upheaval of the Coronavirus pandemic. As of today, over 96 million cases and more than 2 million deaths have been reported worldwide. The only light to the end of this tunnel seems to be the Coronavirus vaccination, and thankfully the drive has already kickstarted in India on January 16. However, it can take many months to reach the common people as the drive is currently in the first phase which means that we ought to be more cautious to stay safe. While we are still trying to understand Coronavirus and its symptoms, it seems that people who have contracted the deadly virus in the past are now suffering from Long COVID-19 symptoms.Also Read - Should People With Allergy Take Coronavirus Vaccine? All You Need to Know

The World Health Organization says that typically a person suffering from COVID-19 recovers in two weeks, but there are people who can’t shake the disease. As per a new study published in the medical journal, The Lancet, people are suffering from 5 signs long after recovering from the Coronavirus. The study says the first few signs start to show up in the first week of recovery itself and COVID-19 recovered patients will need post COVID care. Also Read - Coronavirus Vaccine Side-Effects: Don't Freak Out if You Experience These Issues in Your Body After Getting Vaccinated

5 Long COVID Symptoms You Should be Aware of Also Read - COVID Tongue: Beware of This New Coronavirus Symptom That's Rapidly Increasing - All You Need to Know

Crippling Fatigue: After recovering from any illness or viral infection, our body tends to take time to heal and people often get tired easily but COVID recovered patients suffer from fatigue and exhaustion but it can last for up to six months. The severity and duration of your fatigue can help determine Long COVID. The study says that around 63% of patients have reported suffering from fatigue, weakness, muscle pain for almost six months even after the first symptoms start to show up.

Myalgia or Inflammation: The Long-haulers or long-term patients also suffered from muscle pain or myalgia after recovery from the virus. Myalgia attacks the healthy tissues which are present across the body which results in soreness, muscle pain, inflammation, and weakness. Because of this symptom people have reported back pain and joint ache.

Insomnia: COVID-19 recovered patients get difficulty in getting proper sleep or rest. The research states that sleep deprivation, insomnia is also part of the problem and hampers the recovery process.

Hampers the mental health: COVID-19 recovered patients have been diagnosed with depression or have complained about mental health issues, according to a study by Italian researchers. People suffer from depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), cognitive decline, memory loss, and mood disorders.

Anxiety: The Lancet study says that 15% of people have reported anxiety or palpitations. The lockdown and the pandemic have added fuel to it.

It is important that COVID-19 recovered patients should give their body ample time to recover as healing is an important aspect.