New Delhi: It has been more than a year since the deadly COVID-19 wreaked havoc across the world. India has set new global records with its rising caseload in the past few months. The second wave of Coronavirus has turned people’s lives upside down, hospitals are getting choked yet again. If you are someone who has mild symptoms including cough, fatigue, or muscle ache, then it’s important to be aware that early diagnosis and starting the COVID-19 treatment at the right time can save you from contracting severe symptoms. Experts are warning that mild and moderate cases are now turning severe for a lot of patients. Also Read - Viral Video: Face Mask Stuck in Siberian Husky's Stomach Removed by Chennai Doctors, Netizens Urge Safe Disposal of Masks

The majority of patients usually have mild to moderate symptoms but with a new strain, people should be on the lookout for symptoms that can turn severe or in fact life-threatening. Experts suggest that one should track and monitor their symptoms and connect with their physician in case of the slightest change in their symptoms. Also Read - COVID Travel Updates, June 14: Indian States And Foreign Countries Where Tourists Are Allowed Now

Understanding why mild cases turn severe

It should be noted that patients without any comorbidities are also falling prey to severe symptoms. Experts are of the opinion that the virus and its behaviour should not be taken lightly. Healthline reported that Coronavirus is causing mild symptoms in someone and they recover in a couple of days or a week and do well post that. In some cases, patients get seriously ill prior to or after formal diagnosis, recover a lot or slightly, then get seriously ill 7 to 10 days later in what we think is likely related to immune dysregulation, or the cytokine storm. Also Read - Back on Track: Indian Railways Resume Services of Several Special Trains | Full List Here

What is Cytokine storm?

Cytokine Storm may be fueling some COVID deaths, but what exactly is that? As per Healthline, Cytokine storms refer to the overreaction of the body’s immune system. They’re a common complication in respiratory diseases, such as COVID-19 and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). When the COVID-19 virus enters the lungs, it makes our immune system respond because of which immune cells enter the lungs and attack the virus, it causes inflammation. Sometimes, the immune system becomes super active which can result in activating more immune cells, leading to hyper-inflammation which is fatal.

Mistakes to avoid when you contract COVID-19:

  • Treating COVID-19 as any other viral infection.
  • Living in denial: Take the help of medical experts. It is important to accept your condition and start your medical treatment.
  • Consuming steroids without a doctor’s recommendation: Do not take steroids if it is not recommended by your doctor. Taking steroids too soon or without a doctor’s recommendation can prove hazardous.
  • Delayed testing: Delayed testing will delay your diagnosis and it can turn scary.