New Delhi: The yogic technique of breathing called pranayama can be extremely beneficial in protecting you from coronavirus. When the level of oxygen is high in your body then it aids in healing your system faster. When you start practicing breathing exercises regularly then it allows your body to increase its capacity for the amount of oxygen it absorbs. Due to this increased intake of oxygen, healing is sped up and accelerated.Also Read - Fourth COVID Wave In India Due To Cases Of Omicron BA.4, BA.5 Variants? Govt Panel Chief Reveals Details

Himalayan Siddha, Grand Master Akshar shares his inputs on if pranayama can help us in fighting COVID. Also Read - Tomato Flu: 26 Cases Detected In Odisha | All You Need To Know About This Disease

  • Removing toxins from the body
How Helpful is Pranayama in Fighting COVID-19? Find out!

Brahmari Pranayama

Secondly, in order to keep your body in peak physical health, it should be able to release toxins effectively. There are specific breathing exercises like Kapal Bhati which focus on removing toxins from the system. In this particular breathing, exercise focus is given more on the exhalation. Through this process of continuous or force full exhalation and automatic inhalation, the body is able to release toxins from the lungs. To achieve this you can also practice another pranayama technique known as Khand Pranayam. In this method of breathing, inhalation and exhalation are divided into two or more parts. Khand means part and therefore you can break down your inhale and exhale into two parts to make it the Dwi Khand pranayam. Also Read - Employees Back to Office, But More Than 70% of TCS Techies Likely to Work From Home Till The End of 2022. Deets Here

  • Asanas
How Helpful is Pranayama in Fighting COVID-19? Find out!

Kapal Bhati Pranayam

How Helpful is Pranayama in Fighting COVID-19? Find out!


Certain postures are also recommended as most beneficial to practice breathing exercises in. Vajrasana which is known as Thunderbolt Pose or even Lightning Pose is a posture that can be done right after consuming a meal. When you practice your breathing techniques in vajrasana it helps to regulate your blood flow.

  • Regulate your system

Along with practicing breathing exercises you can also consume hot water frequently and certain herbal drinks that are meant specifically for your lung health. You should also be paying attention to what you consume and switch to a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Pranayama also helps to build your immune system making you stronger to resist any infections or illnesses. This is because pranayama allows your nervous system to be soothed. When you are able to calm your nervous system then automatically it also affects your mental health making you more peaceful and calm in nature. One of the biggest reasons for a weak immunity is a high level of stress, anxiety; depression, etc. When you are able to keep your mind in a balanced and relaxed way through the help of pranayama it also boosts your immunity.

How Helpful is Pranayama in Fighting COVID-19? Find out!

Surya Bhedi Pranayama

Chandra Bhedi Pranayama

In this way, pranayama can be the ultimate tool in helping you recover faster and also to keep your body fighting against any sickness. Brahmari Pranayma, Surya Bhedi, and Chandra Bhedi are effective breathing techniques to protect and heal your system. If you have Covid, then you can practice Kapal Bhati in Shanth Gathi (Slow speed), and once you have recovered, then you can practice it in Madhyam (Medium speed), or Teevri Gathi (Fast speed).