A little exposure to the sun does not harm but constant exposure can lead to damage of skin in different forms. The impact stays for a longer duration of time and it takes time to heal as well.Also Read - When is The Best Time to Apply Body Lotion? Expert Answers

Impact like age spots, premature wrinkling, patchy or irregular skin and uneven skin texture contributes to impacts of over sun exposure to skin. Taking it to Instagram, Dr. Madhuri, a renowned Dermatologist shares important dos and don’ts of sunscreen. Her caption reads, “ The informal toing and froing of life make us exposed to suntan. This may also get prolonged than the desired time of exposure (sic).” Also Read - Winter Skincare Essentials: 8 Tips to Keep Your Skin Smooth And Radiant This Winter

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“Sun tan can be patchy and irregular. It impacts skin by causing blemishes and dark spots. Prolonged skin damage isn’t easy to heal, hence, it is wise to prevent the overexposure in the first place,” says Dr. Madhuri.

Here are the do’s:

  • Sunscreen is needed 365 days a year. Even on rainy days, UVA rays can go through rain clouds and can cause ageing and hyperpigmentation.
  • Apply sunscreen on all exposed skin – face, neck, ears, hands, arms and legs. Even when sitting in a car, the sun comes right through windows and car windshields and hits the skin. Hence, it is important to apply sunscreen wherever you go.
  • Use plenty of sunscreen. The correct amount should make you see and feel the sunscreen after a few minutes of absorption.

Here are the don’ts:

  • Many sunscreens only contain a UVB filter, but you also need to protect yourself from UVB and UVA rays. A sunscreen must have UVA as it causes maximum damage to the skin.
  • Avoid using expired sunscreen. The effect is lost after 12 months and it has zero protection to offer after the expiry date.
  • Don’t stay in sun for more than 1.5 hours to 2 hours. For people using tanners for the first time, they can tan for 20 minutes and increase each time by five to ten minutes.