For a robust and healthy body, physical exercise is constantly needed. Janhvi Kapoor preaches the same as well. She is constantly reminding her fans about the importance of staying healthy and fit. Her trainer, Namrata Purohit happily shared a post on Instagram and called Janhvi Kapoor the Pilates girl.Also Read - Who is Labbu? Jhanvi Kapoor Leaves Everyone Guessing

Instagram being the next stop for fashion and fitness, this Gen Z kid posted a couple of pictures as she performed Pilates. In the first picture, she was lying down on a Pilates reformer. In the second picture, she was kneeling on the same stretcher. Namrata also shared the same pictures. Her Instagram caption read,” And she’s properly back at it my pilates girl @janhvikapoor (sic).” Along with it, she added blast and fire emojis. Also Read - Yoga vs. Pilates, What Are The Distinctive Health Benefits?

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She wore a black crop tank top, a pair of black shorts and a high ponytail to keep her hair off her face. This look is simple and comfortable.

What are the Benefits?

Pilates usually emphasizes proper structure and alignment. Along with core and muscle balance. For beginners, you can practice this at home which includes the hundred, the roll-up, the shoulder bridge or criss-cross. Workout machines are also known as reformers which helps in building core stability along with good posture alignment.

Joseph Pilates is the creator of the Pilates exercise. The main focus is to strengthen the body. It is a home friendly exercise and for beginners, home is the best place to start this exercise. For controlling the brain and nervous system, Pilates is very helpful and effective.