Janhvi Kapoor and her vigorous workout session are back. Her recent video on pullups and strength exercises at the gym will leave you wanting more. After the pilates workout, Janhvi is all set to increase the morale booster by pullups.Also Read - Who is Labbu? Jhanvi Kapoor Leaves Everyone Guessing

Instagram being the next stop for fashion and fitness, Janhvi shared two stories in which she was sincerely working out. She wore a white sports bralette top with a pair of white shorts and her hair was tied up in a high ponytail. Her overall outfit complimented the dedication and hard work she puts in during all the workout sessions. Also Read - Janhvi Kapoor Drives Fans Crazy With Her Slo-Mo Hair Flip In Bingy Silver Bikini | Watch

Check Out the Pictures Here:

Janhvi Kapoor in Frame. Picture Credits: Instagram(@ janhvikapoor)

Janhvi Kapoor in Frame. Picture Credits: Instagram(@janhvikapoor)

Janhvi Kapoor in Frame. Picture Credits: Instagram(@janhvikapoor)

Janhvi Kapoor in Frame. Picture Credits: Instagram(@janhvikapoor)

In the first video, she practised pull-ups by stretching her arms above her head and holding the bar with her hands. She strengthen her back, shoulders, arms as she pulled on the bars. She performed such a hefty workout very swiftly and easily. Also Read - Janhvi Kapoor, The Pilates Girl, is Giving Major Inspo And Enthu Vibes | Read on

In the second video, she stood in the middle of a waist-length bar. She held it with her hands and lifted her body weight from the ground without bending her knees.

What are the Benefits?

Calisthenics means building strength, improving brain and body connection, losing weight, belly fat and easing body mobility. Exercising every day will help you tune the intensity and rhythm in the body. Exercises like push-ups, pullups, squats, planks are examples of calisthenic workouts for beginners.

Pullups exercises help strengthening the muscles in the black, shoulder and arms. It improves grip strength and overall body strength and fitness level. It is helpful especially for the upper body muscles which include biceps, forearms and triceps.

These exercises are helpful in keeping the physical and mental health of the body intact and healthy. It is a great source to strengthen the upper body. However, these are not recommended for beginners in fitness level.