Weight Loss Tips: Millet is an essential part of the family of whole grains like rice, oats or quinoa. It is originally cultivated thousands of years ago in Asia. It is gluten-free, filled with protein, fibre and antioxidants. Not only is millets famous in India, but it has also gained appreciation in western countries.Also Read - Can Giloy Help in Reducing Weight? Here’s What We Know

Millet is rich in protients. It offers five grams of protein and one gram of fibre. Both these ingredients help to keep the stomach fuller for a longer duration of time and reduce the snacking habit between meals. This helps in shedding the extra kilos without compromising on nutrition. Also Read - Karva Chauth 2021: Fasting For First Time? Watch Video to Know Healthy Fasting Tips

What are the Health Benefits of Millets?

  • Immunity Booster

Millets have high antioxidants particles that help in flushing out harmful radicals from the body. It has antioxidant components like quercetin, curcumin, ellagic acid and other useful catechins. These help in eliminating toxins and neutralising enzymes. It prevents health issues. Also Read - Can Green Tea Help in Reducing the Weight? Here’s What the Expert Says

  • Helpful in Digestion

Along with being highly nutritious, millet has a good amount of fibre stored. It helps in digestion and prevents constipation, bloating and acidity. It helps in avoiding digestive issues and prevents gastrointestinal cancer and kidney/liver complaints.

  • Reduction in Cardiovascular Risks

Millets have high and essential fats that help in providing natural fats to the body. It also helps in preventing the storing of fat in bodies. Along with this, it lowers the risks of high cholesterol, paralysis and other heart problems. It contains potassium that helps in keeping a tab on blood pressure and increasing circulation.

What are The Different Types of Millets?

  • Finger Millet or Ragi

Ragi is known for its iron content. It helps in producing haemoglobin in red blood cells. It has a high amount of calcium and potassium. With the presence of a high amount of fibre, it keeps the stomach fuller for a longer duration of time.

  • Sorghum or Jowar

Jowar is loaded with nutrients like vitamin B, magnesium and antioxidants like flavonoids, phenolic acids and tannins. It helps in boosting metabolism and improves the quality of hair and skin. The presence of magnesium helps in strengthening bone and heart health.

  • Pearl Millet or Bajra

Bajra is stacked with a good amount of protein, fibre, magnesium, iron and calcium. It is low in calories and is considered the best choice of grain to shed kilos. It keeps the stomach fuller for a long duration of time without increasing the daily calories count.

  • Amaranth or Rajgira

Amaranth is rich in fibre, protein, magnesium, phosphorous and iron. It helps in improving the functioning of the brain and prevents certain neurological conditions. It helps in building muscles and maintaining digestive health. It is also noted that amaranth has more nutrients than quinoa.

  • Foxtail Millet or Kangni

Kangni is known as semolina or rice flour. It helps in strengthening the immune system and balancing blood sugar levels as it is high in iron and calcium. It also serves as a better option for shedding the extra kilos. It usually includes low cholesterol levels, good digestion and helps in shaping good heart health.