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Severe Back Pain in Patients Recovering From Omicron? Doctor Explains What to do | Exclusive

Doctors are now seeing a rise in the case of back pain among Omicron patients after recovery. Here's what the real problem is and how to solve it.

Published: January 12, 2022 3:11 PM IST

By Anjali Thakur

Increase in the Case of Severe Back Pain Among Omicron Recovered Patients: Experts
Increase in the Case of Severe Back Pain Among Omicron Recovered Patients: Experts (Picture credit: Pixabay)

Omicron and back pain: Although doctors and researchers have claimed that Omicron symptoms are mild and less severe than the Delta variant, many recovered patients are now complaining about excruciating body pain and lethargy. Doctors are now seeing a rise in the cases of back pain among Omicron patients, after recovery.

We asked Dr Harish Chafle, Senior Consultant – Pulmonology and Critical Care at Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai,  about what are the reasons behind back pain and what precautions should one take.

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Omicron effect: Why are patients experiencing back pain?

Back pain has been a common symptom of viral diseases, however, now we are seeing a surge in the case of severe back pain, especially in Omicron patients, even after recovery. Though back pain is common in viral fevers, as compared to the Delta virus, Omicron patients tend to have more back pain and less loss of smell and taste. Lately, it’s been witnessed that these patients are having back-breaking pain in the lower back and severe myalgia which is adding to the patients’ woes. It is a well-known fact that myalgias are commonly seen in viral infections. Covid is not an exception but we are seeing more cases of back pain with Omicron even after recovery which patients label as weakness. However, since data on Omicron is limited and gene sequencing is costly, the reason is difficult to explain. Maybe it is related to inflammatory mediators in the body which are released in excess in this variant, but to prove or disprove this hypothesis we need more studies and data for the same

Omicron leads to back pain – precautions to overcome the pain?

It’s a common finding that in this pandemic as all were inside the home, the levels of Vitamin D3 have gone very low. This can be one reason for low backache. So check Serum Vitamin D3 levels and replace them if you are deficient. Also, the replacement of Calcium with it will help replenish the deficiency. There are certain Dos n Don’ts to follow to help overcome the pain:

  1. Keep moving and stretching when you are completing the period of quarantine
  2. Do regular exercise that can be done at home for back muscle strengthening
  3. Take the help of a physiotherapist online if needed.
  4. Correction of posture while sitting and avoid stopping while sitting
  5. Can take help of hot fomentation and massage if need to relieve pain

Omicron-led back pain: How serious this can get?

If controlled in time this pain can be treated effectively, but if not attended to early and corrected, this pain causes postural problems and long-term backache. Usually, as the disease process gets better, the back pain also recovers subsequently.

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