Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, immunity-boosting supplements and kadhas have become part of our lives. People are now more focused on their immune health than ever before. It’s a fact that immunity supplements are loaded with obvious health benefits. But did you know there are potential downsides to taking these supplements too? If you have been consuming immunity supplements as part of your daily routine, then there can be many side effects too.Also Read - Covid or no COVID, Work From Home Policy Stays on Table For Several Companies | Full List

Dr Manjusha Agarwal, senior consultant-internal medicine at Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai explains why you should not go overboard with immunity-boosting supplements. Also Read - Identifying the Early Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

“Immunity supplements are taken with a notion that they help in preventing infections and keeping diseases at bay naturally. However, there is no evidence to support it. With repeated COVID waves people are resorting to regular consumption of immunity supplements over a prolonged period which can pose a significant health hazard.” Also Read - Jamun Side Effects: Avoid Eating Java Plum if You Have These 4 Health Conditions

Dr Agarwal suggests that one should consume nutritious food, regular exercise and getting enough sleep are the most important ways to bolster your immune system. “Many herbal products can pose unexpected risks as they have ingredients that have strong effects on the body. Always consult your doctor before consuming any herbal medication, avoid prolonged unsupervised use, completely avoid if you are pregnant and breast feeding. severe kidney and liver damage warranting transplants have been seen.”

Dr further explains that excessive intake of vitamin pills also should be avoided especially those containing high doses of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E, K these can lead to neurological problems, high calcium levels, muscular weakness and liver damage, irregular heartbeats, appetite loss, nerve damage.

Is Kadha good for you?

“Prolonged consumption of kadha has resulted in severe acidity, heart burn, bleeding from the stomach, oral ulcers and throat avoid complications from excessive immunity boosters please talk to your doctor before using it. Avoid unnecessary prolonged usage and follow a healthy lifestyle that is more imperative in building immunity,” Dr Agarwal concludes.