Gorakhpur: Amid the rising coronavirus cases when the COVID-19 patients in the country are grappling for oxygen, an 82-year-old woman from Gorakhpur has successfully managed to bring up her oxygen levels by lying in a prone position.Also Read - Covid-19: Centre Extends Insurance Scheme for Health Workers for Another 180 Days

As per the reports, she has recovered from Covid without an oxygen cylinder and is setting an example for others. Also Read - Present Evidence Does Not Suggest That it is 'XE' Variant of Covid19, Say Reports

Vidya Srivastava from Alinagar in Gorakhpur, tested positive for Corona earlier this month. Also Read - Covid-19 Can Increase the Risk of Heart Disease in the Future? Yes it can- Know How

Her elder son, Hari Mohan Srivastava, said, “My mother tested positive and we kept her in home isolation. One day her oxygen levels dipped to 79 and everyone in the family was worried. However, we did not give up and made her lie down in the prone position with stomach down towards bed. Gradually, the situation improved and the oxygen level rose to 94 within four days.”

Hari Mohan spent four days in his mother’s room and monitored her oxygen levels regularly. She was not given an oxygen cylinder.

What is proning?

Lying on the chest and stomach position, or on the sides, is considered to help the body get air into all areas of the lungs rather than lying flat on the back, according to experts. Called the proning position, the technique has proven to be an effective measure for a long time in the treatment of patients with acute respiratory disease syndrome (ARDS).

“The entire family then tested positive but we did not lose hope and tried to keep each other in a positive frame of mind. We took precautions and medicines after taking advice from the doctor. Now, finally the entire family has recovered from the deadly virus,” Mohan said.

Hari Mohan also said, “The treatment of my mother was also my responsibility while protecting other members from infection due to corona virus. Although everyone was scared of the outcome given the deadly second wave we have been seeing everywhere, the doctor gave us courage. Treatment was done with suggestion and good food and positive thinking and now all is well.”

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