Rice is considered a staple food in India. Also known as chawal, bhaat in hindi, rice has been included in all festivities and regular meals. Rice is healthy when consumed in limited quantity. It has always been the favourite as it takes little time to prepare and hence, less time is spent in the kitchen.Also Read - Can Five Hours of Physical Activity Per Week Prevent Cancer? A Study Answers

According to a new study, if rice is not cooked properly, it can be dangerous and unhealthy. It can also lead to causing cancer. Adulteration and mixing of chemicals lead to severe health issues. Also Read - 8 Health Benefits of Eating Rice From Steady Blood Pressure to Easy Digestion

According to the study done by the Queen’s University Belfast, England, the chemical in rice are from industrial toxins and pesticides that are used in the soil. It can make the rice dangerous and harmful. This also leads to arsenic poising in many cases. Also Read - Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: Badminton Player Poorvisha S Ram Loses 14 Kilos by Eating Ice-Creams And Cakes

This is not the first study to claim cancerous elements in rice. Another study done by California Teachers Study states the same. This study was started in the mid-90s and has identified possible risk elements that lead to breast and other cancers. This study has a drastic result. 9,400 participants later developed cancer when a follow up was initiated. The most common cancer among them was breast and lung cancer.

Arsenic is a chemical that is present in various minerals. It is highly used in industrial insecticides and pesticides. Some countries have a high level of arsenic in groundwater. When food is exposed for a longer duration, it can lead to arsenic poisoning. Rice has a high level of arsenic and can lead to poisoning if it is not cooked properly.

How to Prevent Arsenic Poisoning in Rice?

Queen’s University Belfast has come up with a solution to get rid of arsenic chemicals in rice. Allow rice to soak in water overnight before cooking. This leads to a reduction in toxin levels by 80%. If you do not have enough time, even soaking rice in water for three to four hours is also helpful. This is one of the highly effective measures to get chemical-free rice.