New Delhi: Menstruation can disturb a woman’s life in many ways, especially during heavy flow. Constant checks for stains, cramps, and mood swings, not only give physical discomfort but disturb mentally too. However, periods are not the same for everyone. Some can relieve themselves by taking pain relievers or hot water bottles and for some, it is a constant reminder of something leaking down there and checking pants for stains.Also Read - World Menstrual Hygiene Day: Avoid These 9 Mistakes During Period

Opening up conversations about these things can help. Many young girls suffer through heavy bleeding and have very little idea of managing it. Their everyday life of school, sports, and other activities are all hindered and they tend to miss out on so much while growing up. Only if they have a clear understanding of managing the heavy flow and select the right kind of sanitary pads, they can have stress-free periods. Also Read - What Are Menstrual Cups? Is it Safe? All You Need to Know

Paridhi Mantri, Lead, Consumer Insights & Product Innovation at Paree shares some ways to get through heavy flow during periods while keeping your physical and mental health intact. Also Read - Mithila Palkar on Menstrual Health, "Periods Are Just Periods, Embrace it"

  • Choose the right pad for your heavy flow days

Our body is prone to rashes and itchiness while experiencing periods, converting periods into a messy affair. Therefore, it is very important to select the right pad depending upon your flow type and skin type. A pad with quick absorbent with a soft and good quality outer layer is the perfect solution for your special days. You can experience rashes while using a Dry Sheet (PPF sheet) pad due to the humid and dry weather. Pads with soft-top sheet-like hot air absorb well and make you feel softer as well.

  • Maintain a balanced diet and eat healthy

A balanced diet during your periods serves as a reward to your body providing the right nutrients and comfort. However, do not limit yourself to only the days you are menstruating, eating healthy builds up your immunity and keeps you strong. Women can experience a dip in their immunity levels during menstruation and are at risk of catching infections. Therefore, eating healthy can save you from that risk and also give your body the strength to tolerate cramps.

  • Exercise and meditate to keep your mood light

It is recommended to not skip your exercise routine while you are menstruating. Continue with a simple exercise, vary your workouts and take extra time to recover. Staying physically active helps to reduce the annoying symptoms of periods.

  • Deal with your mood swings

A lot of women feel mood changes days before menstruation, symptoms like irritability, anger, and mood swings are a monthly bother for most women. Taking small, frequent meals, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, following your hobbies will help you deal with your mood swings making your period journey stress-free.

  • Ensure hygiene as a priority

It is important to keep yourself clean and dry down there while experiencing heavy flow. Washing with lukewarm water regularly and properly is more than enough. Use of any soap or vaginal hygiene products is a No-No as they can be harsh on your private parts. Remember to change your pads every 4-6 hours to avoid any rashes and infections.

  • Include iron in your diet

During your heavy flow days, women feel weaker as there is a lot of blood loss, hence, it is advisable to increase iron intake while you are experiencing heavy flow. Iron-rich food help in regulating your menstrual flow and reduce the feeling of dizziness and nausea. Consumption of some common iron-rich food easily available in your kitchen such as spinach, milk, apples, cinnamon will make your period journey peaceful.

  • Water is the key

Blood level goes down while you are menstruating, hence it is very important to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Keeping yourself hydrated and drinking sufficient water helps you in experiencing fewer cramps and backaches. Further, it is also recommended to drink an electrolyte solution like Gatorade or add more salt to your diet to balance out the extra fluid you’re drinking.