Coming as a ‘treasure trove of global insights for policymakers’, the latest poll conducted by Sermo which is a ‘virtual lounge’ for doctors, found out three tablets that are most likely to cure critically ill COVID-19 patients. The poll conducted surveyed doctors across 30 countries worldwide and found out that analgesics (56 per cent) – a type of painkiller, azithromycin (41 per cent) – an antibiotic used for bacterial infections and hydroxychloroquine (33 per cent) – an anti-malaria drug were most effective and had been used by majority of doctors to cure COVID-19 patients. Also Read - 'The N-Word': Amazon Removes Racist Messages From Apple AirPods' Listings On UK Website

As reported by Daily Mail, Chloroquine (CQ) or Aralen and its counterpart hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) or Plaquenil are also used since 1940’s to treat rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. According to the international poll, a majority of doctors, that is 37 per cent of those surveyed, claimed that hydroxychloroquine was the ‘most effective therapy’ for the virus. A version of the drug, under the brand name Plaquenil is prescribed in the US and with no cure in sight, doctors across Europe, the US and China have been given the licence to prescribe it to COVID-19 patients in their respective countries. Also Read - How Novel Coronavirus Affects Your Nervous System?

However, the World Health Organisation claims ‘there is no evidence’ that any medicine ‘can prevent or cure the disease’. Sceptical of its effect on patients, the UK has currently put the drug under clinical trials. Also Read - Virus May be an Invisible Enemy, But Our COVID-19 Warriors Are Invincible: PM Modi

In an interview with Daily Mail, the spokesperson of Department of Health and Social Care shared, “Clinical trials are already underway in the UK to assess whether existing medicines such as hydroxychloroquine are suitable for treating COVID-19. Until we have clear, definitive evidence these treatments are safe and effective, they should only be used within a clinical trial. People should continue to follow NHS advice and stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.”

On the other hand, though the poll did not state which other drugs were voted most effective in treating COVID-19, 53 percent of doctors in Italy, 44 percent in China and 13 per cent of the UK clinicians surveyed and 72 percent of those from Spain said that they had used the drugs to treat the killer virus. As per the latest reports, doctors across America have now started prescribing CQ and HCQ to critically ill COVID-19 patients as a last resort.