Tried lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise? Are you unable to shed those excess kilos? Finding it difficult to lose fat from your abdominal belly? Then, it can be a hormonal belly. In the below article, we tell you about various signs of it. Keep reading and take immediate action.Also Read - Dangers of Ignoring Your Back Pain And Spine Problems

Everyone wants to lose weight and become slim. After all, it enhances your appearance and keeps you away from various serious health problems. To fulfill the dream of weight loss, many people go to any length. They try every possible means to battle the bulge. But, sometimes many people still find it difficult to lose fat, especially from the belly region. This means your hormones may create havoc on your efforts. Also Read - Lifestyle Changes And Tips to Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

It is a no-brainer that hormones regulate various functions in the body along with metabolism, stress, hunger, and sex drive. Due to fluctuation in the hormonal levels, there could be a deficiency in certain hormones, and that’s why your belly bulge is becoming more prominent than before, and it can be called a hormonal belly. Did you know? There are several hormone-associated conditions that can make you pack pounds around the belly region like underactive thyroid, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and menopause. Other hormonal imbalances occur because of obesity, stress, or medications. Also Read - Suffering From High Blood Pressure? This ONE Exercise Can Lower it Instantly

Here are a few vital signs that you need to watch out for: 

  • Not feeling satisfied even after having a meal: If this is happening frequently then that means the sex hormones are indirectly impacting those hormones that help regulate your metabolism that is estrogen and testosterone. Low estrogen levels make you feel hungry even after having a meal owing to the impact of estrogen on leptin. Did you know? High leptin levels are problematic.
  • Being stressed all the time: Every time you’re stressed, your adrenal glands release cortisol to help your body respond promptly. In case you are stressed all the time, your adrenal gland will not even realize that it’s producing more cortisol than your body even needs. Furthermore, high levels of cortisol raise heart rate, blood pressure, and even blood sugar. Not only this, too much cortisol tends to increase abdominal fat.
  • Weight gain in the abdominal area: That’s because the level of hormones in your body goes down. Low estrogen levels can be seen owing to excessive exercise, not eating properly, or pituitary glands problems. When estrogen levels dramatically go down then one may gain more weight around the belly.

Take-away: Speak to an expert who will guide you regarding this. Also, don’t forget to follow the vital instructions given by him/her.

(Inputs by Dr. Sushruta Mokadam, Senior Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospital, Kharadi, Pune)