All you need to know about Naturopathy: How many times has it happened that you wanted to get rid of the medicines in your house and lead a much simpler, healthier life? How many times you have been told by someone that you have to first start believing in yourself for the medicine to work? And what if someone now tells you that these are not just random talks but there’s a science behind trusting in your body’s powers to heal yourself?Also Read - Weight Loss Tips: Does Cutting Down on Salt Promote Weight Loss?

Naturopathy is a form of medical science that lets you believe in the power of your body and assures you that you can treat yourself without popping anything in. Sumeet Kapur, co-founder of, a platform to promote naturopathy and help people heal themselves, says that Indians love to treat themselves first and naturopathy is a space where you are actually encouraged to do that. He told, “We had a patient who was struggling with infertility for six years. She had tried IVF and had taken other treatments. She clicked on our ad on Instagram and took a course for a few days. She followed the same and conceived within a month. Thyroid, PCOS,  infertility, diabetes, BP are the areas where we have shown remarkable achievements but we cover everything. This science is applicable globally. In India, we have this tendency to treat our problems ourselves first. Nobody really wants to go to a doctor. And naturopathy lets you do that. The only problem is that there’s a lack of awareness because most people still think of this as ‘daadi ma ke nuskhe’ and not as science. We are in the process to prove that it’s science and once that happens, we are sure that more people would be healed and more people would believe in our self-healing powers.” Also Read - One Dead, 40 Others Hospitalised After Attending Funeral Feast in Bihar's Muzaffarpur

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What is naturopathy?

It’s the science of natural healing or wholesome healing. In naturopathy, we believe that our body has everything to treat its problems. We show complete faith in our body, believe in our own strength, and take help from various natural elements to assist in healing ourselves. The whole idea is to tell ourselves that our bodies cannot give up so easily.

How does naturopathy work?

The body has its own healing powers and we believe that if we correct the nutrition and expose ourselves to natural elements like sun, water, earth – we can cure most of the diseases permanently. Naturopathy has worked in cases where the allopathy gave up or where it couldn’t promise the desired results. Right from curing diabetes, breathing issues, problems in conceiving, old-age issues, lifestyle-related problems including PCOD and other hormonal diseases, to helping people with tumours and even cancer, naturopathy has worked wonders and it all starts with ‘belief’. Usually, the line of treatment begins with a workshop where experts explain how to establish better contact with your body and understand how it already has everything that one needs to get rid of a problem. Complete trust in the body’s healing powers is a journey that one has to begin by understanding how it works and how we can assist it to work better.

What are the main elements of naturopathy?

The basis of naturopathy is that our body works with the four natural elements – water, fire, air, and earth and losing connection with any of these elements leads to diseases and disruptions in the body. Naturopathy tries to realign these elements in one’s body by exposing it to the elements that are missing. That’s the reason the treatments includes meditation, walking on the grass, performing yoga, eating only plant-based food, using only plant-based material to cook your food, understanding the nutrient value of what you are eating, identifying the right kind of labels available in the market, being aware of how your body treats each nutrient that goes inside it, and how there’s no need to pop any tablet to heal yourself. Another important thing to believe in while trusting in naturopathy is that the body doesn’t need to be punished or pressurised to align its elements. This is the reason why rigorous workouts or exercises are not recommended but one is taught various ways to include meditating, walking, and maintaining positivity in life. The power of thoughts, igniting positive vibes, and believing in body affirmations are also considered important under naturopathy.

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Is it safe to switch to naturopathy?

If one sees practically, naturopathy would be the safest way to cure yourself. The main reason being its core dependency on everything natural. Letting the body do its own work while you provide only the required assistance is the best way to live. Naturopathy doesn’t allow any artificial or superficial element to enter your body and once you start following the cycle, you understand how all the powers that you thought those tablets were giving you were already inside you. However, one needs to analyse that no form of medicine is to be challenged because at the end of the day, lives are being saved and people are being helped to start afresh by getting rid of the diseases. Naturopathy lets you understand your body better. It makes you understand the signs that your body keeps giving you when something is disturbed inside.

Does the government recognise naturopathy as an alternate medicine?

The government supports these alternative therapies. The ministry of AYUSH actually stands for ‘Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy – the five alternative treatments of India. The government has given a lot of push to these treatments. The ministry has asked to set up more and more wellness centres across the country. Naturopathy is a degree from the government, so one has to do a five-year-long course to become a naturopathy doctor in India. There are more Naturopathy hospitals and wellness centres established down South as compared to the northern part of the country. But, there are ministers and many prominent leaders who get their treatments from naturopathy doctors which shows that there’s an actual belief in the science behind it.

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What is the difference between naturopathy and homeopathy?

In naturopathy, you are not given anything that you don’t know about. In homeopathy, you don’t know the medicine that is being given to you. Homeopathy is a milder way to deal with a problem but naturopathy is totally dependent on your body’s self-healing powers. Every healing science though is based on the natural healing powers of your body. In allopathy, it’s more about the suppression of the symptoms that were making you feel uncomfortable. The rest of the work is being done by your body itself. The tablet that you pop in only stops the pain or works on the symptoms.

A little positivity in life and a little faith in your own body can do magic like never before. Naturopathy is a science and you owe your body to believe in that science once!