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So India have failed to defend the title and now the battle for championship will be between co-hosts Australia and New Zealand on March 29 at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Australia outplayed India in all the departments. There were moments when it looked like India will pull back things but then Australia kept doing the basics right and eventually succeed. Steven Smith is the Man of the Match for his superb hundred. The summer keeps getting better for him. With this we take your leave, hope you enjoyed our coverage for the day. See you on March 29 for the final between Australia and New Zealand.   Also Read - T20 WC: Steve Smith Lauds Virat Kohli-Led Team India After Win Over Australia in Warm-up Game

Umesh yadav OUT!  There you go fittingly Mitchell Starc gets the last wicket. India have lost the match as Umesh Yadav is bowled. Umesh  Yadav b Starc 0(5)

Mohit Sharma OUT!  James Faulkner gets two in two. Slower ball has better of Mohit Sharma. Australia closing in on a victory. Just one wicket left for India now. It remains more of a formality. Mohit Sharma b Faulkner 0(1)

Ravi Ashwin OUT!  Cleans him up! James Faulkner dismisses Ravi Ashwin. Australia have got it covered.

MS Dhoni out! Another superb fielding effort by Australia. MS Dhoni is run out. Glenn Maxwell with the direct hit and MS Dhoni was way short of his crease. That should do for Australia. MS Dhoni run out (Maxwell) 65(65) [4s-3 6s-2].

Live Score India 228/6 after 44 Overs: Mitchell Johnson ends his quota of 10 overs, gives away 50 runs and picked two important wickets as well. Catch- Live commentary of India vs Australia with with gifs, tweets and pictures here.  

Live Score India 223/6 after 43 Overs: Indian captain MS Dhoni brings up his half-century with a six and then smashes one more time Shane Watson for a six.  He is keeping India’s hopes alive. Will he steer India to victory? tough ask! 15 runs from this over.

Ravindra Jadeja OUT! Another wicket goes down for India. Steven Smith runs out Ravindar Jadeja with a direct hit from backward point, he had one stump to aim at he does it to perfection. Ravindra Jadeja run out (S Smith) 16(17) [4s-2].

Live Score India 204/5 after 41 Overs: Josh Hazlewood finishes his quota of 10 overs, his figures read 10-1-41-1. It was Hazlewood who provided Australia with the  crucial breakthrough by dismissing Shikhar Dhawan.

Live Score India 196/5 after 40 Overs: No sign of attack from Indian batsmen as the required run-rate now enters 13 runs per over. India now need 133 runs from last 10 overs. May be Dhoni is trying to keep wickets in hand take game to last over. We know how capable he is to finsih things of in style.   

Live Score India 192/5 after 39 Overs: Australia look comfortable at the moment and they can actually sense the victory, as the required run-rate is creeping for India. It is difficult but not impossible for India from here on.

Live Score India 183/5 after 38 Overs: The required run-rate has now gone over 12 runs per over. India now need Dhoni magic to steer them to victory. Otherwise victory looks distant from here on.  

Ajinkya Rahane OUT!  What a review by Australia. They have got the breakthrough. Short of good length does the trick for Mitchell Starc as Rahane edges it to keeper. Faint edge there, but Australia were good enough to pick it up. Opted for review and snicko confirms the edge. Ajinkya Rahane c Haddin b Starc 44(68) [4s-2].

Live Score India 177/4 after 36 Overs:  India need 152 more runs to win off 84 balls. 69 is the partnership now between MS Dhoni and Ajinkya Rahane .

Live Score India 170/4 after 35 Overs: India will have an eye on batting powerplay to score freely but it never has been easy to score during batting powerplay, most of the side batting side lose too many wickets in that period. Will be interesting to see how the action unfolds in powerplay.    

Live Score India 165/4 after 34 Overs: Shane Watson starts after the drinks break and Ajinkya Rahane straightaway attacks him. May be one of them- Dhoni or Rahane will have a go at bowlers now. Rightly so India cannot afford to keep required run-rate creeping up, someone has to take the risk and the time is now.

Live Score India 157/4 after 33 Overs: Mitchell Johnson back into the attack, his seventh over.   Seven runs from this over. MS Dhoni should have an eye of required run-rate. It has now gone above 10 runs per over. Time for Drinks Break. 

Live Score India 150/4 after 32 Overs: Australia will now start worrying as Ajinkya Rahane and MS Dhoni have started to play their shots. These two have now notched 42 for the fifth wicket off 54 balls. It is 150 up for India as well.

Live Score India 138/4 after 31 Overs: Welcome boundary for MS Dhoni as he slashes hard at the ball and it goes over slips for a four. India need plenty of them today, and Dhoni and Rahane will have to do it.  

Live Score India 138/4 after 30 Overs: The partnership between Ajinkya Rahane and MS Dhoni is now worth 30 off 42 balls. These two trying to build a stand and take India close to the target. The required run-rate is creeping up all the time and is now under 10 runs per over.

Live Score India 133/4 after 29 Overs: Tidy over from Josh Hazlewood gives away just three runs. The required run-rate has jumped over nine at this stage for India.

Live Score India 130/4 after 28 Overs: Meanwhile, Glenn Maxwell has bowled five overs and given away just 18 runs. His overs have been bonus for Australia. Before the start of the match Indian batsmen would have been thinking of targeting him, but not the same case right now.  

Live Score India 125/4 after 27 Overs: James Faulkner finds couple of edges of the bat off MS Dhoni but that went to vacant places. India trying nothing fancy here and they are not in a position to try as well.

Live Score India 121/4 after 26 Overs: India now need 208 more runs to win with six wickets in hand. The required run-rate at this stage is well over eight runs per over. India at one stage were cruising along nicely but wickets kept falling and that pegged them back.

Live Score India 115/4 after 25 Overs: Now then it is down to Captain Cool to take his side to victory. He is known for his finishing acts and today his team requires more than that. It is going to be a tough ask from here on but a partnership will help India’s cause.

Suresh Raina OUT! Soft dismissal this. Dejected Raina walks back after edging the ball to keeper Brad Haddin. Things going against India here. Suresh Raina c Haddin b Faulkner 7(11) [4s-1].

Live Score India 102/3 after 22 Overs: Hundred up for India.  They now need 226 more runs to win from 28 overs. The required run-rate athis stage is 8.11 runs per over. These two will be aiming to take India close to target.

Live Score India 98/3 after 21 Overs: Exchange of words between Mitchell Starc and Suresh Raina as the bowler is constantly bowling it short at the batsman. Australian bowlers have got their tail up and it is pretty much reflecting the way they are bowling.

Live Score India 95/3 after 20 Overs: Glenn Maxwell comes into the attack. Good time for him to bowl and squeeze through his overs. May be Michael Clarke should have stuck with Mitchell Johnson for one more over, given the short ball problems Suresh Raina faces.

Live Score India 94/3 after 19 Overs: Mitchell Starc back into the attack now as Australia keep picking wickets. India have lost three wickets for just 18 runs now. The top three are back in hutch.

Rohit Sharma OUT! After a quiet period Rohit Sharma out of nowhere produced a brilliant shot for six over deep mid-wicket to release the pressure, but next ball Johnson comes back strong and dismisses the right-hander. Rohit was looking to pushthe ball, gets an inside edge and the ball goes back to crash onto the leg-stump. Rohit Sharma b Johnson 34(48) [4s-1 6s-2]

Live Score India 82/2 after 17 Overs: So after flurry of runs upfront Australia have fought their way back with two quick wickets. They will now look to tighten the grip around Indian batsmen and not let them off the hook. Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane have their work cut out now.

Virat Kohli OUT!  Mitchell Johnson gets his man. Short one, Kohli goes for the pull and gets top edge. The ball flies high n the air and Brad Haddin gets underneath it to pouch a simple catch without any fuss. Virat Kohli c Haddin b Johnson 1(13). 

Live Score India 77/1 after 15 Overs: Maiden over from Josh Hazlewood, excellent stuff. Virat Kohli has now faced 12 deliveries and has scored just on run. Very rare that we see Virat Kohli tied down a bit. He likes to keep scoreboard ticking with singles just as with boundaries.

Live Score India 77/1 after 14 Overs: Virat Kohli is the new man in. India just need partnership from here on after a good opening stand between Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan. Australia will be sensing few more wickets here.

Shikhar Dhawan OUT! Australia draw first blood. Got the wicket they wanted. Shikhar Dhawan plays a rash stroke and holes to man at cover point. Needless stroke from Dhawan, he was going along nicely. Josh Hazlewood is elated and why not! Shikhar Dhawan c Maxwell b Hazlewood 45(41) [4s-6 6s-1]

Live Score India 73/0 after 12 Overs: Shikhar Dhawan has made up his mind that he is going to attack James Faulkner and scores two boundaries in this over as well. Both Indian openers finding it easy to score, none of the Australian bowler is troubling them. 13 runs came from this over.   

Live Score India 60/0 after 11 Overs: Runs have started to come thick and fast for India. Australia desperately in search of a wicket here.Looks like Shikhar Dhawan is in mood of making full use of that chance provided to him by Brad Haddin.

Live Score India 55/0 after 10 Overs: James Faulkner has been taken to cleaners by Shikhar Dhawan. He started with a no-ball and could not bounce back to eventually give away 16 runs from his over. This is now the right kind of start India wanted.

Live Score India 39/0 after 9 Overs: Nice start by India given that they haven’t lost a wicket. It is big run chase and partnership right at the top will be instrumental for India’s success. Both Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan look solid.

Live Score India 33/0 after 8 Overs: Australia will be ruing the fact they had the chance to scalp an early wicket, but wicket-keeper Brad Haddin put it down. Nonetheless, it still is not easy for India to chase down as they need little over seven runs per over to win.

Live Score India 30/0 after 7 Overs: Mitchell Johnson comes into the attack and boy what greeting he gets. Rohit Sharma pulls short one from Johnson over long leg for a maximum. Not the start Johnson would have wanted. He will have to get his head down and bowl again. That;s all he can do.

Live Score India 24/0 after 6 Overs: Must say eventful first six overs, we have had little of everything so far. Couple of edges, good shots, loud appeals, quick singles and what not. Oh! this game has all the ingredients to go down the wire. No team will give it up early.

Live Score India 20/0 after 5 Overs: Loud appeal by Mitchell Starc, umpire turns away and rules it not-out. Australian fielders regroup and look to review but decide against it. Rightly so, as TV replays show ball was clearly going down the leg, Yes it would have hit second set of stumps!   

Live Score India 15/0 after 4 Overs: Shikhar Dhawan gets India rolling with a boundary through deep mid-wicket. And he can’t get lucky than this, big outside edge and Brad Haddin drops him. Diving to catch the ball that was going away from him, the Australian wicket-keeper spillis it in the end.  

Live Score India 9/0 after 3 Overs: Mitchell Starc has been revelation for Australia in this World Cup. He is their strike bowler and both Indian openers giving him the respect, looking to play with straight bat as much possible.

Live Score India 7/0 after 2 Overs: Josh Hazlewood to bowl from other end. Shikhar Dhawan faces his first ball and straightaway gets off the mark. Rohit Sharma is living dangerously here, the top edge off his bat goes over wicketkeeper Brad Haddin, batsmen collect two runs. Three runs from this over.

Live Score India 4/0 after 1 Over:Live Score India 4/0 after 1 Over: Mitchell Starc right on the money.  Australia claimed for a catch and Umpire Dharmasena went upstairs to check it. The ball clearly bounced underneath the fielder at first slip. Rohit follows it up with a smashing drive through covers for four. Exquisite timing on that.

Welcome back Indian openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan have made their way out in the middle and it is Mitchell Starc to start the proceedings for Australia. This is going to an intriguing second half of the match

Australia have got runs on board. This is going to be a daunting task for India to chase down against quality Australian bowling, but they have the capability and second half of the match promises to be a smash hit. Do join us for India chase.  

Live Score Australia 328/7 after 50 Overs: So there you go Australia finish with a huge total on board. At one stage it looked like they will get something close to 350, but India managed to pull backs things. Eventually it was Mitchell Johnson’s nine-ball 27 towards the end that helped Australia post a respectable total on SCG pitch.

Live Score Australia 308/7 after 49 Overs: Mohammad Shami missing his length in penultimate over and Mitchell Johnson has smashed him for four consecutive boundaries. Things going against the bowler here. 18 runs from this over. Very  expensive over this by Mohammad Shami. His figures now read 10-0-68-0.     

Live Score Australia 299/7 after 48 Overs: So with last two overs coming up how much will Australia score? And how much is going to be enough on this batting wicket to stop India? Lots of questions but only time will tell.   

Shane Watson OUT!  Big wicket this for India.With just two overs to go he could actually have done lot of damage.    

James Faulkner OUT!  Umesh yadav cleans up Faulkner. looking to smash hard at the ball Faulkner gets a faint inside edge and ball hits the stumps. Umesh Yadav now has four wickets, but he has been expensive as well.  James Faulkner b U Yadav 21(12) [4s-3 6s-1]

Live Score Australia 279/5 after 46 Overs: Ravindra Jadeja comes in to bowl last over of his quota. Bad start for him, James Faulkner dispatches him over deep mid-wicket for a six. What a comeback, three dot balls in row to Shane Watson and the batsman can’t get the ball past fielders. One run is all Watson gets on last ball. With this Jadeja finishes his overs and his figures read 10-0-56-0.

Live Score Australia 271/5 after 45 Overs: James Faulkner and Shane Watson are in with a task to see Australia go well over 300. Anything less than 300 wont be enough for them to stop India. The partnership between Faulkner and Watson is worth 23 off 17 balls.

Live Score Australia 258/5 after 44 Overs: Shane Watson after playing with the straight bat against Ravi Ashwin finally dispatches the spinner over deep mid-wicket for a six. Australia need plenty of those especially after losing wickets in quick succession.     

Live Score Australia 248/5 after 43 Overs: End of a successful over by Mohit Sharma. India for sure with the upper hand right now. At one stage Australia were scoring freely, but MS Dhoni and co. have managed to pull it back to some extent.

Micheal Clarke OUT! Mohit Sharma removes Australian skipper. Big blow this for home team. India running away with the momentum here. Clarke opts for a pull but can’t keep it down and straight to mid-wicket fielder. Micheal Clarke c Rohit b Mohit Sharma 10(12) [4s-1].

Live Score Australia 248/4 after 42 Overs: Ravindra Jadeja finishes his ninth over and he has given away 48 runs so far. Not sure whether Dhoni will bring him back into the attack or not.

Live Score Australia 241/4 after 41 Overs: So it is up to Michael Clarke and Shane Watson now to provide impetus to Australian innings after losing two quick wickets. India can actually build pressure around these two.

Live Score Australia 239/4 after 40 Overs: After two big wickets, India should look to capitalise from here on. With two new man in it wont be easy for Australia to score runs freely. Last 10 overs coming up, Indian bowlers should look to curtail batsmen here. And wickets of Glenn Maxwell and Aaron Finch will really help India’s cause here.

Aaron Finch OUT! Another one bites the dust! India back in the game. Umesh Yadav gets his third wicket and the important one at this stage. Finch was well set for a big one here. Two wickets in quick succession will now certainly peg back Australia a bit. They were going along nicely otherwise. Aaron Finch c Dhawan b U Yadav 81(116) [4s-7 6s-1]

Glenn Maxwell OUT! Masterstroke from MS Dhoni hands ball to Ravi Ashwin when  Glenn Maxwell was on attack and the spinner rewards him with his prized wicket. Glenn Maxwell c Rahane b Ashwin 23(14) [4s-3 6s-1]

Live Score Australia 231/2 after 37 Overs: It is time for some Maxwell show as he slams Umesh Yadav for a four, six and then another four. Maxwell on move and so is Australia. MS Dhoni looks clueless as Australia look all set to post big total here.

Live Score Australia 216/2 after 36 Overs: How will Indian bowlers counter Glenn Maxwell that will be interesting to see. We all know how brutal he is with the bat especially in death overs. Direct hit but Glenn Maxwell is well in.

Live Score Australia 206/2 after 35 Overs: So a successful over for India, Umesh Yadav got the big one. Smith was absolutely brilliant and after he got his hundred up was looking to up the ante. Getting a wicket of well set batsman at this stage is really a boon. A wicket and nine runs from this over.

Steven Smith OUT! India get the breakthrough as Umesh Yadav scalps second wicket. Smith goes for the big pull, gets the elevation but not the distance and Rohit Sharma at deep mid-wicket takes the catch. Much needed wicket this for India. Steven Smith c Rohit b U Yadav 105(93) [4s-11 6s-2]    

Live Score Australia 197/1 after 34 Overs: There is no stopping Aaron Finch and Steven Smith. Both finding fence at will and are now milking Indian bowlers. Runs coming from all corners of the ground as Indian bowlers look helpless. 16 runs from this over.

Live Score Australia 181/1 after 33 Overs: Mohammad Shami comes back into the attack and he is greeted with boundary as well. Runs coming thick and fast for Australia here and believe it or not Steven Smith has raced into nineties now. He is stroke away from his century and he gets it with a boundary. Sixth ODI ton for Smith!  

Live Score Australia 167/1 after 32 Overs: Ravi Ashwin continues as he comes to bowl his eighth wicket. He has been wicket-less so far and that can hurt India. He is the wicket-taking bowler for India and if he fails to scalp one, his team will be in trouble.

Live Score Australia 161/1 after 31 Overs: Another confident appeal turned down by umpire and rightly so as the ball was pitched outside off. Wonder from where the next wicket will come for India. These two have now put on 146 runs for then second wicket stand.

Live Score Australia 155/1 after 30 Overs: Now then both Aaron Finch and Steven Smith have gone past respective half-centuries they look set as launch pad for final onslaught. Both look confident now and with lot of firepower in Australian batting big total is on cards.

Live Score Australia 153/1 after 29 Overs: After some overs of spin, MS Dhoni has now gone back to pace and it is Mohit Sharma who comes back for his second spell. Looks like Dhoni will maneuver with his bowling now till he finds a wicket or two. FIY, this was Mohit Sharma’s fifth over.  

Live Score Australia 147/1 after 28 Overs: Ravi Ashwin finishes sixth over, he has given away 24 runs. Indian camp would have liked to see a wicket against his name. He was India’s trump card going into the game, but Australian batsmen have done well so far in negotiating him.

Live Score Australia 143/1 after 27 Overs: Half-century for Aaron Finch. He has not thrown it away after a wobbling start, brings up his seventh ODI fifty. These two are now frustrating India out there.

Live Score Australia 135/1 after 26 Overs: Appeal for run-out as Ravi Ashwin gets finger tips on the ball in his follow and the ball hits the stumps on non-strikers end. Umpire goes upstairs to check it and Aaron Finch has his bat grounded. No issues here. India finding it hard to separate the two.

Live Score Australia 132/1 after 25 Overs: Steven Smith is oozing with confidence not afraid of using his feet against the spinners as he smashes Ravindra Jadeja through deep mid wicket for a six. Riveting stuff from the the right-hander.

Live Score Australia 124/1 after 24 Overs: Aaron Finch is now approaching towards his half-century. He did not had the best of the start, but he not thrown it either. Looks set for  big knock. India desperately in search of a wicket here. Spinners look ineffective at the moment.  

Live Score Australia 118/1 after 23 Overs: loud appeal from Ravindra Jadeja but umpire turns it down. He is animated and convinces MS Dhoni to go for a review, but all in vain. The on field decision stays as the ball was pitching out side off stump and the impact was outside off as well. India have lost a review here. Jadeja was pretty convinced that he got his man, but TV replays suggest otherwise.

Live Score Australia 114/1 after 22 Overs: The partnership is inching close to hundred and Steven Smith has done the bulk of scoring so far. Aaron Finch has looked  about jaded and now then he has got the start he should look to build upon it.

Live Score Australia 107/1 after 21 Overs: Ravindra Jadeja goes through his over quickly. He is keeping it tight as well and supporting Ravi Ashwin from the other end. He has bowled four overs so far and given away 17 runs.

Live Score Australia 105/1 after 20 Overs: Another good over from Ravi Ashwin, apart from leg byes for three runs, he has given away nothing. There is packed off-side field in place and it is hard for batsmen  to get past the fielders.

Live Score Australia 100/1 after 19 Overs: It is spin from both the ends now as Ravindra Jadeja comes in to bowl his third over. After three dots balls, Steven Smith pushes one onto the leg side for a single to notch up his fifty. Seventh ODI fifty for Smith. He has been in prolific touch right from the start of summer.

Live Score Australia 99/1 after 18 Overs: So finally, Ravi Ashwin into the attack. And Australian batsmen are being watchful against him and that is understood early on in the innings. Good start for as he gives away just two runs from his first over.

Live Score Australia 96/1 after 17 Overs: Things have slowed down here, Aaron Finch and Steven Smith trying nothing fancy out there. Just looking for singles and keep the scoreboard ticking. Meanwhile Finch hits a lovely shot through backward point for a boundary, that will ease him down a bit. Confidence booster for him. 

Live Score Australia 89/1 after 16 Overs: Aaron Finch has gone out of that difficult initial period where he struggled. The right-hander is looking better than before but not impressive at all. It is time for Drinks Break at SCG.

Live Score Australia 77/1 after 15 Overs: The best part about Mohit Sharma’s bowling is that he has got the variations and mixes his slower ones nicely. As a batsman you never know whats coming up next, a slower one or a faster one? Meanwhile, Mohit Sharma gets through another good over here. Five runs from this over.

Live Score Australia 77/1 after 14 Overs: So only one over from Virat Kohli and it is Ravindra Jadeja into the attack. Has he got the new hair style? May be yes! Anyways back to cricket MS Dhoni is not showing his cards here, I mean no signs of Ravi Ashwin yet. Will be interesting how Dhoni uses him.

Live Score Australia 71/1 after 13 Overs: Mohit Sharma continues, he is into his second over. He is mixing it up nicely here, few slower ones in-between, but Australian batsmen look happy to score singles off him. No fancy shots against him so far.

Live Score Australia 64/1 after 12 Overs: Surprise, surprise, it is Virat Kohli into the attack. Only MS Dhoni can afford to take such a move. Honestly Kohli looks bit jaded with the ball as he consumes a boundary. Anyways he gest through his over and gives away seven runs. Dhoni should look to bring in Ravi Ashwin as early as possible.

Live Score Australia 57/1 after 11 Overs: Mohit Sharma comes in as first change. So first 10 overs we saw a keenly fought contest between bat and ball. India started off nicely with a wicket of David Warner and after that Steven Smith has taken over to put Australia back on track.

Live Score Australia 56/1 after 10 Overs: Steven Smith on a move here, smashes Umesh Yadav for two consecutive boundaries. This will help ease down Australian camp, remember the pitch is very much suitable for batting. And make it four fours off this over. Smith is in sublime touch. He ends the over with two back to boundaries. 16 runs from this over.

Live Score Australia 40/1 after 9 Overs: Mohammad Shami finishes his fifth over and has given away 16 runs. Unfortunate that he has not found a wicket yet, but that doesn’t take anything away from him. Credit to him how he operated upfront. He made it difficult for Australian batsmen, particularly Aaron Finch. Missed David Warner’s wicket? No worries, Catch his video dismissal here.

Live Score Australia 38/1 after 8 Overs: Umesh Yadav continues, MS Dhoni happy with Yadav and Mohammad Shami bowling. The extraordinary thing about Dhoni is his fielding placings. He has cordoned the off-side for Steven Smith, which means the right hander has to work for his runs. Finch is again finding it difficult to handle Indian seamers, he has managed only 10 runs so far that too off 24 balls.

Live Score Australia 34/1 after 7 Overs: Both Indian bowlers have been on target so far. They swung it upfront and Umesh yadav got the important wicket of David Warner. Now Australian batsmen are starting to look settled and looking to work their way out. They should look to rotate the strike.

Live Score Australia 32/1 after 6 Overs: India will be looking to scalp one more wicket here and not let Australia dictate the terms. Contrary to that Aaron Finch and Steven Smith will be aiming to build a long partnership from here one. Catch- Live commentary of India vs Australia with with gifs, tweets and pictures here

Live Score Australia 31/1 after 5 Overs: Aaron Finch was struggling against Mohammad Shami but he found boundary early in the over against him and this will help Finch. Played with straight bat, down the ground. Finch has a problem with the deliveries coming in and Indian bowlers should look to exploit that.

Live Score Australia 21/1 after 4 Overs: Steven Smith walks out to bat, he is in-form and that reflects in his approach, pretty nimble footwork as he confidently plays his strokes. Nonetheless great over from India’s perspective, they got the big man early and now will look to put Australia under pressure.

David Warner OUT! Umesh Yadav strikes, removes the dangerous David Warner. The left hander was looking to play across, but gets the leading edge and the ball pops up. Virat Kohli moves couple of steps from mid-off to pouch it. What a breakthrough for India. This will certainly lift Umesh Yadav.  David Warner c Kohli b U Yadav 12(7) [4s-1 6s-1]

Live Score Australia 15/0 after 3 Overs: Mohammad Shami continues to look impressive and on the other hand Aaron Finch is struggling so far. He is clearly finding it hard to negotiate the swing from Shami. The pressure is getting to him, tried to hit the ball hard but of no use and then decides to leave the last ball. Sensible finally!

Live Score Australia 14/0 after 2 Overs: Umesh Yadav is welcomed by David Warner with a four through mid-off, first boundary of Australian innings. Yadav came back strong for next four balls but Warner looks like has made his mind against the pacer, smashes him for another four. This time through deep square leg.

Live Score Australia 2/0 after 1 Over: Straightaway swing for Mohammad Shami almost had both the openers Aaron Finch and David Warner. Indian fielders look all pumped up and the kind of swing Shami is getting it has just excited the Indian players. Shami ends the over with another dot ball.  

Toss- Australia have won the toss and opt to bat. Australian captain Michael Clarke and without any hesitation decided to bat first. He reckons it is pretty good surface to bat on and they will hopefully pile up mountainous target for defending champions India. Both the teams are unchanged from their respective last outing. Check Out- Complete toss and playing XI report here.

Hello and welcome to the live cricket score updates of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 2nd semi-final between India and Australia at Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) on Thursday. Undefeated India face co-hosts and four-time champion Australia for a place in finals.  Defending Champions India made it to semis by winning all their league matches and then defeating Bangladesh in the quarterfinals. While Australia suffered just one defeat, against New Zealand, before zipping past Pakistan in the quarterfinal match at Adelaide Oval. This is the 11th meeting between these two sides at World Cup. Australia have a better record with seven wins while India have managed win on just three occasions.