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A comprehensive win for New Zealand. They have been superb throughout and start World Cup 2015 on a winning note. Sri Lanka, will need to find the winning momentum as early as possible in the tournament.

Corey Anderson is Man of the Match for his breezy knock of 75 runs and 2-18 with the ball.

Rangana Herath OUT! Live Score Sri Lanka 233/10 in 46.1 Ovs It is all over Rangana Herath is the last wicket to fell. Chips it straight to cover. Corey Anderson fittingly gets the last wicket, that caps off brilliant game for him.   R Herath c A Milne b C Anderson 13 (19b 2×4 0x6)

Live Score Sri Lanka 224/9 in 44 Ovs  Sri Lanka need 108 runs with 36 balls remaining. The required run rat has now climbed up to 18.00 runs per over. What a performance by New Zealand bowlers as well, backed their batsmen.

Lasith Malinga OUT! Live Score Sri Lanka 217/9 in 41.5 Ovs Ninth wicket down for Sri Lanka. Just a formality remaining in this game. Lasith Malinga’s bad day continues. L Malinga c L Ronchi b T Southee 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)

Angelo Mathews OUT! Live Score Sri Lanka 216/8 in 41.2 Ovs The Sri Lankan captain perishes. Short of a length delivery from Tim Southee and Mathews skies it high in the air. Daniel Vettori takes a good diving catch at mid-on A Mathews c D Vettori b T Southee 46 (52b 5×4 0x6)  

Live Score Sri Lanka 216/7 in 41 Ovs Sri Lanka need  116 runs to win from 54 balls. The required run-rate is now  12.88. Angelo Mathews and Rangana Herath are batting on 46 and 5 respectively.

Nuwan Kulasekara OUT! Live Score Sri Lanka 196/7 in 38.2 Ovs Gone, he had to go for big shot, doesn’t connect it and Grant Elloit takes good at catch deep-extra cover. K Kulasekara c G Elliott b C Anderson 10 (21b 1×4 0x6)

Live Score Sri Lanka 195/6 in 38 Ovs 12 overs remain in the game and New Zealand need 137 runs to win with four wickets in hand. Seems impossible but in modern cricket, it is not over until it is over. The partnership between Nuwan Kulasekara and Angelo Mathews is now worth 27 runs.

Live Score Sri Lanka 183/6 in 36 Ovs Four runs from this over and Sri Lanka now need 149 runs required from 14 overs. The current run-rate is 5.08 and required run-rate is 10.64.

Live Score Sri Lanka 177/6 in 34 Ovs Outside edge and Nuwan Kulasekara is given out, but he stays there, not convinced whether Luke Ronchi caught it or not. Onfield Umpires seek TV Umpire’s help and TV angles show, ball may have touched the ground first. And yes confirmed. Umpire overrules his decision. It is not out.

Jeevan Mendis OUT! Live Score Sri Lanka 168/6 in 32 Ovs Big appeal for caught behind. Umpire says not out. new Zealand go for review and snickometer says there is a thin edge and Jeevan mendis has to walk back. Sri Lanka in all sorts of trouble now. J Mendis c L Ronchi b A Milne 4 (4b 1×4 0x6)

Dimuth Karunaratne OUT! Live Score Sri Lanka 163/5 in 31.1 Ovs Adam Milne comes round the wicket and has Dimuth Karunaratne removed D Karunaratne b A Milne 14 (21b 0x4 0x6)

Sangakkara becomes second highest ODI run scorer Check Out whom he surpassed here

Live Score Sri Lanka 155/4 in 30 Ovs  the required run-rate has swelled up to 8.85 runs per over. This pair of Dimuth Karunaratne and Angelo Mathews not only need to score quickly but have to make sure Sri Lanka do not lose any wicket from here on. Sri Lanka need 177 runs with 120 balls remaining.

If you woke up late and missed out on New Zealand innings. Don’t worry, here are the highlights

Live Score Sri Lanka 150/4 in 28 Ovs It is all down to Captain Angelo Mathews to guide Sri Lanka to victory. He has done it so many times, will be able to do it on a big stage? lets wait and watch to find out. Sri Lanka need 182 runs required from 22 overs. The required run-rate has now climbed up to 8.27

Live Score Sri Lanka 142/4 in 26 Ovs Trent Boult to continue. He has swung back game back in New Zealand’s favour. Six runs from this over. Sri Lanka now need 190 runs from 24 overs with six wickets in hand.

Sri Lankan captain Angelo Mathews is the next batsman in

Kumar Sangakkara OUT! Live Score Sri Lanka 129/4 in 23.5 Ovs Loud appeal and the finger goes up. It was an in-swinging delivery, Sangakkara is late on it and he is trapped in front of the wicket. The batsman opts for review but nothing in his favour. The onfield umpire’s decision stand and he is out. K Sangakkara lbw T Boult 39 (38b 5×4 0x6)

Dimuth Karunaratne is the next batsman.

Mahela Jayawardene OUT! Live Score Sri Lanka 125/3 in 22 Ovs Mahela Jayawardene goes with out scoring. Jayawardene lasts only four balls.  Big wicket this for New Zealand. The right-hander is caught behind, Vettori is jubilant. M Jayawardene c L Ronchi b D Vettori 0 (4b 0x4 0x6)

Mahela Jayawardene walks in to bat

Lahiru Thirimanne OUT! Live Score Sri Lanka 124/2 in 22 Ovs What a delivery. Just when the partnership between Lahiru Thirimanne and Kumar Sangakkara was developing Trent Boult strikes with a peach of a delivery, a perfect yorker. Thirimanne looking to go leg-side missed the ball and his stumps get disturbed. L Thirimanne b T Boult 65 (60b 8×4 0x6)

Live Score Sri Lanka 119/1 in 21 Ovs Kane Williamson into the attack, he was suspended from bowling last year due to suspect action. And that is 50 partnership between Lahiru Thirimanne and Kumar Sangakkara. Sri Lanka need 213 runs from 29 overs at a required run-rate of 7.34 runs per over.

Live Score Sri Lanka 112/1 in 20 Ovs Four for Kumar Sangakkara to start the 20th over. Advances down the track and hits it just over mid-off. Sri Lanka need 220 runs required from 30 over the required run-rate is 7.33 runs per over.  

Live Score Sri Lanka 103/1 in 19 Ovs Hundred up for Sri Lanka. They now need 229 runs required from 31 overs and the required run-rate is 7.38 runs per over.

Live Score Sri Lanka 97/1 in 18 Ovs Kumar Sangakkara smashes boundary off the first ball and then couple of singles to end the over, Six runs came of Trent Boult’s over. SL need 235 runs with 192 balls remaining. Required  run-rate is 7.34 runs per over.

Live Score Sri Lanka 91/1 in 17 Ovs Grant Elliott into the attack. Chance here but dropped. Lahiru Thirimanne hits straight to Brendon McCullum at mid-on, who drops it. You expect McCullum to take those catches. Five runs from Elliott’s first over. Sri Lanka now need 241 runs off 198 balls and the required run-rate is 7.30 runs per over.

Live Score Sri Lanka 86/1 in 16 Ovs Two back to back boundaries for Kumar Sangakkara, excellent stuff this. Will he be the man to take Sri Lanka home? Lets wait and watch. Sri Lanka require 246 runs with 204 balls remaining and the required run-rate is 7.23 runs per over.

Live Score Sri Lanka 74/1 in 15 Ovs  Daniel Vettori is continuing. New Zealand searching another wicket here. Vettori provided them with the breakthrough and McCullum will be hoping for another wicket off him. Five runs from this over.

Live Score Sri Lanka 69/1 in 14 Ovs  Adam Milne goes through a decent over, after giving away 12 runs in his last over. Missed Corey Anderson’s breezy knock in 1st innings  Catch it here, sheer power!

Meanwhile, the toss has taken place at the MCG for Match 2 between Australia and England. Check out what happened

Kumar Sangakkara is the new man in

Tillakaratne Dilshan OUT! Live Score Sri Lanka 67/1 in 13 Ovs Soft dismissal this. Looking to hit down the line and pick an easy single, ends up straight to Daniel Vettori. So Sri Lanka after a good start lose their first wicket. T Dilshan c & b Vettori 24 (41b 2×4 0x6)

Live Score Sri Lanka 64/0 in 12 Ovs  Sri Lankan innings is picking up now and Lahiru Thirimanne is leading the charge, smashes two fours off Adam Milne. 12 runs from this over.

Live Score Sri Lanka 52/0 in 11 Ovs Another change and it is Daniel Vettori to bowl. Six singles off his first over. Sri Lankan openers trying nothing fancy here and just looking to keep the scoreboard ticking.

Live Score Sri Lanka 46/0 in 10 Ovs Adam Milne into the attack. There is something in this lad, he is young, has a good built and most importantly he has got the pace. New Zealand at this stage were 77/0

Live Score Sri Lanka 42/0 in 9 Ovs Sri Lanka are off to a slow start, but what’s important is they have not lost a wicket. Sri Lankan camp will want these two to stay out there for as long as possible.

Live Score Sri Lanka 37/0 in 8 Ovs No swing for Tim Southee or Trent Boult, just an odd ball is swinging. Meanwhile, back to back boundaries for Lahiru Thirimanne . He is looking in solid touch out there. This opening partnership between him and Dilshan will be important.

Live Score Sri Lanka 29/0 in 7 Ovs Boundary through square-leg for Tilkaratne Dilshan, looks get on top of it. He is opening up and his wicket his key here for Sri Lanka. Loud appeal for caught behind, but not-out says the umpire and Dilshan is still out there. Brendon McCullum initially thought of going for review but decides against it.

Live Score Sri Lanka 24/0 in 6 Ovs Lahiru Thirimanne plays a beautiful shot through covers, fetches another boundary. He is slowly picking it up. Trent Boult end the over with a beauty. Dilshan inside-edges the ball, but is safe.

Live Score Sri Lanka 17/0 in 5 Ovs Another good over by Tim Southee. He is not giving anything away here. Keeping it tight, waiting for batsmen to do the mistake. In case you missed out on New Zealand innings here is a recap   

Live Score Sri Lanka 15/0 in 4 Ovs After giving away 10 runs in his first over, Trent Boult bowls a tight over and gives away just two runs.

Live Score Sri Lanka 13/0 in 3 Ovs Good stuff this by Tim Southee, bowls a maiden over. Tilkaratne Dilshan is on defense and that is understandable. Early in the innings he wont be looking to take any kind of risk.

Live Score Sri Lanka 13/0 in 2 Ovs Trent Boult to partner Tim Southee as new ball bowlers. Beautiful shot by Lahiru Thirimanne, scores first boundary of Lankan innings. Tilkaratne Dilshan too gets it going with a four. 10 runs from Boult’s first over.

Live Score Sri Lanka 3/0 in 1 Over Tim Southee right on target with his first over and Sri Lanka are off the mark with couple singles. 

Welcome back. It is Lahiru Thirimanne and Tilkaratne Dilshan to open the innings for Sri Lanka.

Innings Break.

So that’s it. New Zealand post a huge total of 331 in 50 overs. It was Captain Brendon McCullum (65) at the top and then Martin Guptill (49) took over the reigns. Kane Williamson (57) chipped in with a half-century. Jeven Mendis picked two wickets in one over to bring back Sri Lanka in the game and surprisingly he did not bowled after that. Corey Anderson (75) then led the final onslaught and added 73-runs off 37 balls for the sixth wicket with Luke Ronchi (29*).

For Sri Lanka, it was Suranga Lakmal (2/62) and Jeevan Mendis (2/5) who were pick of the bowlers. Lasith Malinga (0/84) and Nuwan Kulasekara (1/78) both were expensive.

Corey Anderson OUT! Live Score New Zealand 331/6 in 50 Ovs Nuwan Kulasekara bowl’s the final over. And on last ball Corey Anderson is dismissed. Looking to smash it on off side Anderson finds Suranga Lakmal at cover, who takes a good catch, but on second attempt. C Anderson c S Lakmal b N Kulasekara 75 (46b 8×4 2×6)

Live Score New Zealand 319/5 in 49 Ovs Lasith Malinga’s last over went for 10 runs and it sums up what kind of day he had with the ball. In his 10 overs, he has given away 84 runs and that too without picking a wicket.  

Corey Anderson reaches fifty! New Zealand 309/5 in 48 Ovs That is half-century for Corey Anderson, his third in ODIs. 15 runs off Nuwan Kulasekara’s over. And with this it is fifty partnership between Anderson and Ronchi as well.

Live Score New Zealand 294/5 in 47 Ovs Oh! it cant get worse than this for Lasith Malinga. Bowls a perfect yorker,cleans up Luke Ronchi.But umpires checked for a no-ball and Malinga landed on the crease. Nothing behind the line and Ronchi survives. How much will it cost? 

Live Score New Zealand 287/5 in 46 Ovs Two back to back boundaries by Corey Anderson off first two deliveries and then on third ball Jevan Mendis drops a sitter. It is all happening here. It was high in the air, Mendis settled under it, took his eyes off the ball and down she goes! Meanwhile, Suranga Lakmal finishes his quota of 10 overs. He has given away 62 runs and picked two wickets. His last over went for 17.

Live Score New Zealand 270/5 in 45 Ovs So it is down to five overs now. With Corey Anderson unbeaten on 35 New Zealand will be eyeing some quick runs. Luke Ronchi has joined him and he is known for using long handle as well.

Grant Elliott OUT! Live Score New Zealand 258/5 in 43.5 Ovs Umpires checking here for a no-ball. No issues and Grant Elliott walks back into the hutch. Elliott goes for the pull, but finds fielder at deep mid-wicket. Second wicket this for Suranga Lakmal, he desrves it. G Elliott c L Thirimanne b S Lakmal 29 (34b 2×4 0x6)

Live Score New Zealand 252/4 in 43 Ovs 10 runs from this over. Nuwan Kulasekara has giveaway 51 runs now from his six overs. It has been a game to forget for Sri Lankan new ball bowlers.

Live Score New Zealand 242/4 in 42 Ovs Lasith Malinga gives away just four runs and yes it is a news today. He has been off-colour so far.

Live Score New Zealand 238/4 in 41 Ovs  Nine runs from the over. Corey Anderson gets a timely boundary here. This was Suranga Lakmal’s eigth over. His remianing two overs will be crucial from Sri Lanka’s point of view.

Live Score New Zealand 229/4 in 40 Ovs That’s the end of batting Powerplay and New Zealand collected 33 runs from it, without losing a wicket. Menwhile, a rare good over by Lasith Malinga today, give away just five runs.

Live Score New Zealand 224/4 in 39 Ovs  Eight runs from this over. Corey Anderson and Grant Elliot will look to accelerate now. Suranga Lakmal now has given away 28 runs from his seven overs, better than Lasith Malinga.    

Live Score New Zealand 217/4 in 38 Ovs Big moment in the match. It is Lasith Malinga back into the attack. He was very expensive early on and was taken off the attack. He gave away 42 runs from his 4 overs, that is 10.50 runs per over. Not a good start again, three wides in this over. Malinga is not looking at his best today. Hope he is 100% fit.

Live Score New Zealand 210/4 in 37  Ovs Tilkaratne Dilshan to continue and its Kumar Sangakkara, setting the field. Perks of having a senior player in your side. Corey Anderson goes over mid-on, Dinesh Chandimal puts in an effort, dives but can’t catch the ball and it falls over boundary ropes for SIX!   

Live Score New Zealand 197/4 in 36 Ovs  Excellent over Rangana Hearth gives away just one run in first over of batting powerplay. 

Time for Batting PowerPlay

Live Score New Zealand 196/4 in 35 Ovs  Hat-trick chance for Jevan Mendis, but Corey Anderson defends easily. Sri Lanka have the momentum now and should not throw it away. Fielders need to back their bowlers. Had a slight chance  for run-out but a slow pick up throw from fine leg.  

Corey Anderson walks out to bat

Ross Taylor OUT! New Zealand 193/4 in 33.4 Ovs  Sri Lanka are right back in the game. Two in two here for Jevan Mendis. Ross Taylor fails to connect and Kumar Sangakkara collects ball at second attempt and dislodges the bails as quickly as he can. And believe me he was very quick, even with second attempt. R Taylor st K Sangakkara b J Mendis 14 (28b 0x4 0x6) Watch how Ross Taylor was dismissed 

Grant Elliot is the new batsman in 

Kane Williamson OUT! New Zealand 193/3 in 33.3 Ovs  Out of nowhere Dimuth Karunaratne produces a beauty of a catch. Sri Lanka have been dropping easy catches and were tired in the field, but this catch is out of the world. Dives full length and takes it low at Cow Corner. K Williamson c D Karunaratne b J Mendis 57 (65b 5×4 1×6) Watch Kane Williamson dismissal here

Live Score New Zealand 192/2 in 33 in Ovs Must say Sri Lankan fielders look already tired. There is a boundary in Dilshan’s over, should have kept to two only, but the fielder at long on is so lazy to bend down and stop that ball as it reaches the fence for four.

Kane Willaimson reaches fifty!

Live Score New Zealand 183/2 in 32 in Ovs  Suddenly things lighten up at Hagley Oval. Kane Williamson smashes Nuwan Kulasekara for a four and a six consecutively.

Live Score New Zealand 170/2 in 31 in Ovs Change in bowling and it is Tilkaratane Dilshan into the attack. Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor looking to rotate strike.  

Live Score New Zealand 166/2 in 30 in Ovs Eight runs from Angelo Mathews’ over. Kane Williamson smashed him on the leg-side for a four. New Zealand should look to accelerate now. They have wickets in hand, so that should have them.  

Live Score New Zealand 158/2 in 29 in Ovs Nuwan Kulaskera is back into the attack. He was a bit expensive in his initial spell. There was chance but a difficult one Mathews could not hold onto that one and Williamson survives.

Live Score New Zealand 153/2 in 28 in Ovs Angelo Mathews into the attack. New Zealand in no mood to up the ante. Kane Williamson had wild swing of bat, otherwise things have slowed down and may be New Zealand looking to keep wickets in hand for final onslaught.

Live Score New Zealand 151/2 in 27 in Ovs  150 up for Kiwis’. They should eye something above 300 from here on.  

Live Score New Zealand 149/2 in 26 in Ovs Rangana Herath has bowled eight overs and will be interesting to see whether Angelo Mathews continues with him or keeps his two over for later. 

Live Score New Zealand 145/2 in 25 in Ovs Martin Guptill’s wicket was key, he was the well-set batsman and now New Zealand try to rebuild. The scoring rate has dropped a bit, but that is understandable with two new batsmen at the crease. Suranga Lakmal is keeping it tight and has now given away just 18 runs from his five overs and yes picked a prized wicket of Martin Guptill as well.

Live Score New Zealand 142/1 in 24 in Ovs Kane Williamson takes a shot out of Ross Taylor’s book and dispatches ball towards boundary on leg-side.   

Meanwhile Catch Brendon McCullum’s smashing knock here

Ross Taylor is the new man in

Martin Guptill OUT! New Zealand 136/2 in 22.2 Ovs Suranga Lakmal gets the wicket. Martin Guptill looking to steer it down the third man ends up edging it to wicketkeeper Kumar Sngakkara M Guptill c K Sangakkara b S Lakmal 49 (62b 5×4 0x6) Watch Guptill’s dismissal here. 

Live Score New Zealand 132/1 in 22 in Ovs Jevan Mendis into the attack now. Let’s see if he provides Sri Lanka with a breakthrough. Mends has a decent start, gives away four runs from his first over.

Live Score New Zealand 128/1 in 21 in Ovs Just one run from Suranga Lakmal’s over. Martin Guptill and Kane Williamson seem to be in no hurry here and are taking their time.

Live Score New Zealand 127/1 in 20 in Ovs Beauty from Rangan Herath! Big appeal but Umpire says not out. How come Herath has no wicket from this absolute peach of a delivery. It had a sharp spin. May be height was an issue. Nonetheless, Martin Guptill is still out there on 43.

Live Score New Zealand 122/1 in 19 in Ovs Boundary here for Kane Williamson, his first one and he is moves onto eight. New Zealand going strong here.

Live Score New Zealand 114/1 in 18 in Ovs  Now Sri Lankans are applying pressure and Herath is tidy. The ball is on the off stump and is a mean line. Just two from the over.

Live Score New Zealand 112/1 in 17 in Ovs Suranga Lakmal comes into the attack as Williamson takes strike. It takes an edge and Sangakkara almost takes a brilliant catch but the veteran can’t hold on to it. Williamson then gets off the mark from the final start. Quality stuff from Lakmal.

OUT! B McCulllum Live Score New Zealand 111/1 in 15.5 Ovs Its a breakthrough at last for Sri Lanka and what a start this man has given to the world Cup with his batting. Mathews made some changes in the field and kept a long on. The ball was skied and looked good for a six but Jeevan Mendis did an excellent job and takes the catch. B McCullum c J Mendis b R Herath 65 (49b 10×4 1×6) Catch McCullum’s dismissal Jeevan Mendis takes well judged catch to dismiss Brendon McCullum

Live Score New Zealand 110/0 in 15 Ovs More experiments from Mathews here and now Dilshan comes into the attack. He is reliable as and tidy and the openers continue to attack. Five runs and its an excellent over under the circumstances.

Live Score New Zealand 104/0 in 14 Ovs Herath’s over here and its a disappointing ball to start with as it is wide delivery on the off-side and Guptill carves it over the infield for a boundary. Just seven runs from the over.

Live Score New Zealand 97/0 in 13 Ovs Mathews in the attack again and after being a spectator for so long, Guptill takes the ariel route and the ball goes to the fence for a boundary. Its over the mid-on fence. McCullum stands on his feet and the ball its another long hop over the bowler’s head and its a boundary. Phew.. Sri Lanka!!

Live Score New Zealand 87/0 in 12 Ovs Herath into the attack and McCullum goes inside out for a couple. Two big shouts come from Sangakkara but it was way down the leg-side. McCullum then digs out a couple and its his fifty! He follows that by stepping down the wicket for a four. Nine from the over.

Live Score New Zealand 78/0 in 11 Ovs Mathews continues and there is a big shout for a leg-before from the first ball. Sri Lanka turn down the chance to take the review and it was a good choice as the ball hit McCullum’s bat first. Just a single from the over.

Live Score New Zealand 77/0 in 10 Ovs Herath is into the attack as Sri Lanka are desperate for a breakthrough. Just a recap: This time last year, he wreaked havoc in the Kiwi ranks by picking up an astounding 5 for 3. Yet again, he is reliable as over and just three comes from the over. Super stuff from Herath.

Live Score New Zealand 74/0 in 9 Ovs Its now magic Angie’s turn to bowl a bad delivery and the ball is cut away by McCullum from a short, wide ball and the ball beats the sweeper and the runs continue to flow for the Kiwis as their skipper is going berserk. Six from the over.

Live Score New Zealand 68/0 in 8 Ovs Malinga tries a slow ball and its a rubbish delivery — a full toss — which is dispatched for a boundary and then follows that with a no-ball and its another full toss which is tucked away for a boundary. The free hit ball is a slow one and McCullum strikes it big and the ball goes over the sightscreen. First six of the World Cup. The fifth delivery is short and McCullum shifts his body weight and plays a gorgeous cut shot to the gully fence. A slow ball again and its a flick and its another boundary on the leg-side. 23 of the over!  

Live Score New Zealand 45/0 in 7 Ovs Angelo Mathews has had enough and introduces himself into the attack. Its a neat start from the skipper as he offers no room for the batsmen to free their arms. Dilshan was reported unfit before the start of the game as it was reported that he suffered a niggle. He is struggling here now. Just a single from the over.

Live Score New Zealand 44/0 in 6 Ovs  Malinga now comes on to bowl his third over and more runs come from McCullum’s blade. First its a couple and then the batmsen deal with singles and its singles and twos in the over and its six from the over.

Live Score New Zealand 38/0 in 5 Ovs  Kulaasekera continues and it is his third over. Yet again, he is highly erratic and the ball is sprayed around. First, on the off-side and Guptill tucks it away for a boundary and then its short and Guptill cuts it to the cover fence. He tucks the ball on the leg-side of the last ball and good running between the batsmen gets New Zealand three!


Live Score New Zealand 25/0 in 4 Ovs Lasith Malinga continues and the Kiwi batsmen are watchful in this over and as the Lankan spearhead is tidy. Just then, he bowls a no-ball. Marginal though and its a free hit. Guptill faces and Malinga follows the batsman and pitches it in the block hole and the batsman digs the ball out for a couple.

Live Score New Zealand 20/0 in 3 Ovs Kulasekera continues and bowls three good deliveries and then McCullum shows his class again by playing a delicate late cut. There are no slips and the ball races away to the boundary. New Zealand are flying away early here.

Live Score New Zealand 15/0 in 2 Ovs Lasith Malinga is back and walking rather gingerly. The pacer steams in and McCullum is hardly perturbed by it and cracks two boundaries and New Zealand are flying off the blocks as nine comes of that over.

Live Score New Zealand 6/0 in 1 Ovs An extra is the first run of the World Cup and it is Nuwan Kulasekera to start proceedings. Its a rather slow start and Martin Guptill gets a single of the fifth ball. The last ball however, is a half tracker and its carted over the infield by McCullum for a boundary.

The World Cup 2015 kicks off and co-hosts New Zealand entertain Sri Lanka in the first match of the tournament. The two teams just faced off in a seven match One-Day International (ODI) series, where the Kiwis hammered the Sri Lankans 4-2. Sri Lanka though, have not had a full strength team in the recent past and Angelo Mathews’ men have the most potent weapon in their arsenal, Lasith Malinga back in the squad. Catch Live Score and ball-by-ball updates here 

New Zealand: Brendon McCullum, Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Grant Elliott, Corey Anderson, Luke Ronchi, Daniel Vettori, Tim Southee, Adam Milne, Trent Boult

Sri Lanka: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Lahiru Thirimanne, Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Mahela Jayawardene, Angelo Mathews (c), Dimuth Karunaratne, Jeevan Mendis, Nuwan Kulasekara, Suranga Lakmal, Rangana Herath, Lasith Malinga