mauka mauka india vs west indies

The fight for glory between India and rest of the world continues as the defending champions maintained their winning streak in 2015 Cricket World Cup. The iconic Mauka man – originally depicted as Pakistani fan – switched his loyalties to South Africa and later to United Arab Emirates in cheering against MS Dhoni’s Team India. But the Men in Blue continued to foil their plans and elongate their plans to burst crackers. In the latest commercial he is offered to join West Indies side ahead of India’s next clash with West Indies on March 6 that falls on festival of colours, Holi. Also Watch: Virat Kohli’s retaliation to Mauka Mauka taunt!

In this promotional video for India vs West Indies Cricket World Cup match, we see the four fans(Pakistani, South African and UAE guy) looking disappointed as India registers another victory. And following the pattern of previous Star Sports Mauka Mauka ads, there is someone on the door. To all of the four’s surprise, it is a parcel delivered from Yep Me (great idea with the brand placement) which contains the West Indies jersey!

But the excitement of donning West Indies jersey is shattered when the delivery guy tells them that it is impossible to win against India and they will never get to burst firecrackers. He hands the Mauka guy a pack of colours and suggests them to play Holi on March 6, Friday instead!