After watching the latest video of Pakistan cricketer Wahab Riaz’s interview that has gone viral, one cannot stop thinking about the 2015 Cricket World Cup being cursed by the murky act of match-fixing! The video in concern was taken before the start of cricket’s biggest tournament, where  the interviewer is seen asking Pakistani fast bowler Riaz about how would he feel, if (teammate) Rahat Ali would drop a crucial catch? This question is quite startling to hear now considering that similar thing happened during Pakistan’s quarter final match against Australia when Rahat Ali dropped the important catch of Aussie all-rounder Shane Watson, a drop that changed the course of match and probably led to Pakistan’s ouster from ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Must Read: Wahab Riaz vs Shane Watson: Spirit of Cricket KO’d ICC!

Pakistan’s leading wicket taker in the tournament, Wahab Riaz was on fire peppering bouncers at Shane Watson in what is described as ‘spell from hell’. He almost got the reward for his hard work when Watson played a pull shot but Rahat Ali dropped a dolly at fine leg! This dramatic situation had uncanny resemblance to the incident mentioned by the anchor in this video while questioning Riaz. In fact, the question was asked even before Rahat Ali was selected in Pakistan’s world cup squad! The sole difference was that the opposition batsman was Virat Kohli in the question while it was Shane Watson in reality. Must Watch: Sachin Tendulkar’s 2015 Cricket World Cup predictions will leave you speechless!

It is quite hard to digest this level of imagination by the anchor who starts with, “aise hi achanak meri jahan mein aaaya …(Suddenly it has come into my mind)”. It does not look like the classic case of co-incidence but we would still like to believe that the ghosts of match-fixing is not looming over cricket’s biggest battle.