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CHICAGO (IL) — The Pravasi Bharatiya (PB) or Non-Resident Indian is characterized by hard work, sincerity, loyalty to his adopted land without losing identity and connection to the homeland.

The NRIs or Pravasi Bharatiyas have created a trillion-dollar economy overseas and possess know-how and skills that are world class.

Brand India has benefited substantially since the first Indians set foot overseas.

The government of India recognises this potential and the invaluable contribution of the PB to keep the name of India flying high in their adopted lands and globally.

The Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is a celebration of the achievements of the NRI community and an opportunity to strengthen their links to their homeland and network with equally talented people in India and overseas in a congenial environment of homeland.

A stellar role is played by the Indian community of the US in all professional fields, notably medicine, research, science and technology and business.

The Indian ethnic media plays a key role in keeping the NRI community educated of the developments locally and globally.

Air India has been in existence since 1932 and has connected the US and India for 64 years continuously as the national flag carrier owned by all of India.

Air India is indebted to its patrons and in their yeoman role of promoting their homeland and make brand India shine in the lands they live in and among those they work with.

May their excellence and unity shine through for all times to come.

Good wishes are due to all well-wishers of India and, of course, Air India!

This story originally appeared on Hi India Live.