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By: Reena Rathore

A group of Hollywood actors, including Indian American actor Arjun Gupta, have united to obstruct Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s path to the White House.

SAG Award winner Aunjanue Ellis (“Quantico”), Ato Essandoh (“Vinyl,” “Django Unchained”), Daniella Pineda (“The Detour”) Tony-nominated actress Pascale Armand, Clifton Cutrary (“Luke Cage”), and a host of other New York-based actors from Broadway, film, and TV unleash a rant against the GOP candidate in a new anti-Trump PSA, entitled, “Menace – United We Rise.”

Written by Tracee Loran — who also appears in the PSA — and directed by Drue Pennella of Pure Motion Pictures, “Menace” uses spoken word to unite people of all races, genders and sexualities in one powerful, moving message to the public.

“A peddler of deception.” “He is murdering the progress of the last eight years.” “He is gutting the soul of humanity.” “He is a narcissistic manipulator who is leaving a trail of blood stained tears.” These are some of the sentiments shared by the actors in the get-out-the-vote video, which begins with the emergency message: “All-points bulletin: There is a menace on the loose.”

Venting their frustration against Trump and the hatred and the fears that he is riding upon, the public service announcement criticizes his comments on Mexicans, immigrants and women, along with asserting that a Trump presidency could spell doom for the country.

The star of shows like “The Magicians” and “Nurse Jackie,” and the lone Indian American actor in the video, Gupta describes Trump as someone “who began his political crusade by gliding down a gilded escalator.” He goes on to denounce Trump’s slanderous remarks about women and other controversial statements during his intermittent appearances.

Aiming to fire up Americans, the video, which highlights all the controversial statements made by Trump during his campaign, goes on to assert that people have so far ignored the terrifying realities of Trump’s America.

As the White House race enters the final few days, the three-minute-forty-one-second video encourages everyone to vote on Nov. 8, saying “we cannot afford to stay home” and there is “no time for apathy.

No political campaigns or super PACs financially supported this political PSA.

Watch the anti-Trump PSA, “Menace – United We Rise” here:

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