[Infant’s mother, Nausheen Rahman. |Photo Source: Facebook]

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 By: India West Staff

Police in New York Oct. 25 formally ruled the March 12 death of an infant a homicide.

Nausheen Rahman, 28, was charged with two counts of murder and one count of concealing a human corpse (I-W April 8, 2016 http://bit.ly/2fxB0Aq).

The Indian American woman pleaded not guilty to all charges in April.

Prosecutors had said that based on their investigation and her statements to authorities, Rahman gave birth March 11, then cut the umbilical cord and put her newborn baby daughter into a bag and dumped it into a trash can outside her home.

According to court documents and news reports, Rahman – who appears to be unmarried – discovered she was pregnant and went to a doctor last year to confirm her pregnancy.

She hid her pregnancy from her parents and delivered the baby at home. Prosecutors said in court that Rahman was so anxious to be rid of the infant that she did not notice it was a baby girl.

Rahman’s parents brought her to the Staten Island University Hospital Mar. 11 when she began to complain of vaginal bleeding. She initially denied giving birth; however, after further investigation, she admitted to giving birth to a live baby, putting the infant in a bag and into the trash, prosecutors said.

Police began its investigation following Rahman’s visit to the hospital. At the time, Rahman told detectives the baby was moving after she gave birth, but stopped when she cut the umbilical cord.

Rahman was charged with murder after the medical examiner’s office previously determined the baby was alive before being placed in the trash, prosecutors said.

The Indian American, who is currently being held at Rikers Island, is scheduled to appear in state Supreme Court Nov. 4.

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