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One of the million fans of CBS’ popular game show, “Wheel of Fortune,” University of West Georgia Prof. Madhavi Sethna fulfilled a lifetime dream on Jan. 15.

After 30 years of trying, the Indian American professor finally got to try her hand at the “Wheel of Fortune.” She was chosen to be a contestant for the “European Vacation” themed week, but only after rigorous hours of puzzle solving and playing simulated rounds of the show with 60 other contestants.

Over the years, Sethna tried every trick in the book to secure a selection, from sending in post cards to tracking down the ‘Wheelmobile’ (the Winnebago that travels across the U.S. in search of contestants). She finally made it through an online application last year.

“I was ecstatic, surprised, speechless, and although I was coming home after a 30-hour long journey from India to the U.S., I went to the Omni Hotel in Atlanta straight from the airport to audition,” said Sethna in an article on uwgperspective.com.

She auditioned in August 2015, and in November she was invited to be a contestant, according to the report.

Sporting a sari and a bindi, Sethna appeared to be in full form on the show. She solved the song lyrics puzzle by identifying the 1931 song, “Lady of Spain, I Adore You,” winning the $1,000 tossup. She tripled the amount by clinching the first round, which involved identifying people. However, she could not sustain the momentum in the next rounds and finally exited the show with $3,000.

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