IPL opening ceremony was a mixed bag, with top performances from Shahid Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan while the others could have done better to entertain the crowd. Hrithik Roshan performed on three songs which included Ek pal ka jeena from Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai (2000). We expected him to dance on the title track of ‘Bang Bang’ but he didn’t, though he did entertain through his performance. You can watch all the performances on the official Indian Premier League website here.

The first and the only other entertaining performance was by Shahid Kapoor, who entered the stadium on a cruiser motorcycle. Shahid Kapoor rode the motorcycle and parked it after pumping up the crowd. He jumped on stage to start his performance. I am a disco dancer song from Mithun Chakraborty’s 1982 film ‘Disco Dancer’ was the first song and it was followed by stellar performances by the Haider actor.

Everything that came in between Shahid and Hrithik’s performance was melancholic and average at best. The second performer was Anushka Sharma, who gave a decent performance. Perhaps, it’s not her fault that the crowd was probably hoping for Virat Kohli to jump on stage and join his girlfriend in the performance. The dance by Anushka Sharma was a passable attempt from the talented actor.

Next to come was Farhan Akhtar with his band. The band seemed like a live performance support  system for Farhan Akhtar. He started well with Sinbad the Sailor from his film Rock On (2008) but soon ran out of breath. He was missing lines and had a very haphazard attempt at finishing his songs off. We would have better enjoyed a lip sync with his microphone turned off as it more often than not, hurt our ears listening to the badly attempted stage performance from the Dil Chahta Hai director.

Pritam Chakraborty started the stage show of the IPL Opening Ceremony with his band, with a modern rendition of a Rabindranath Tagore song. It was neither memorable nor harsh to hear. Saif Ali Khan, as the host was absolutely dreadful. There were sudden stoppages, abrupt starts and absolutely hilarious attempts to cover up. Twitter has not taken too kindly to the IPL Opening Ceremony which was referred to as a “bad dress rehearsal” in one tweet.

Special mentions in the cricket part of Indian Premier League 2015 opening ceremony goes to Rohit Sharma, who nearly fell through one of the light fittings on stage. He almost embarrassed himself but all the skippers and Shikhar Dhawan, who was standing in for David Warner looked unprepared and there was a lot of awkwardness on stage — as if the entire ceremony was planned in one night. To add to the confusion, the thunderstorm delayed the IPL 2015 opening ceremony by over 90 minutes, so the event that was supposed to start at 7:30 pm started after 9 pm which could have added to the chaos.