Without a doubt, the couple that is hogging limelight currently is Indian cricket’s vice-captain Virat Kohli and his girlfriend Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. So when the latter was set to perform in the opening ceremony of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2015, it was obvious that the cameras won’t be too far away from Kohli. Check Out: IPL 2015 Schedule – All Match Fixtures and Complete Time Table of IPL.

With the big screen constantly flashing the reaction of Kohli while Anushka Sharma danced on the stage, the Eden Gardens crowd erupted with cheers. Probably Kohli became uncomfortable or shy, as he tried to constantly look away from the scene of action and indulged himself in some talks with people around him. Nonetheless, this is a video to treasure. Also Watch- IPL Opening ceremony performances.

Watch the video of Virat Kohli’s reaction to Anushka Sharma as she performed in the opening ceremony of the Pepsi IPL 2015.