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Diwali, the great Indian festival of lights is a frenzied affair and can rightly be termed as the Great Indian Festive Marathon! A flurry of activities that are an integral part of this marathon includes, accomplishing the immaculate cleaning goals, preparation of sweets and savories and the last minute shopping goals. As if this weren’t enough, an additional task includes dressing up pretty, looking impeccable and carving out memories through innumerable selfies and family portraits. While some are great with makeup, others fret with the very mention of it. (Also Read: Ensure safe Diwali for your pets: 7 tips to take care of pets this Diwali 2016)

Well, whilst you achieve your #DiwaliGoals, POPxo has eased out your worry to look pretty and beautiful this festive season by collaborating with the famed video blogger, Shreya Jain of  SJ loves jewelry. Shreya is a self-confessed makeup enthusiast and an ardent fashion lover. With this makeup tutorial video, using some pocket-friendly makeup products, Shreya has effortlessly guided us on achieving the perfect festive look that will seamlessly flatter your festive outfits and translate well into your festive selfies and portraits for those card nights or a family get-together. (Also Read: Steal these fab summer looks from Alia Bhatt’s Dear Zindagi!)

Shreya begins by applying a Primer, usually, a gel that is applied after moisturizer and before foundation. A primer renders the skin smooth for applying makeup and aids keeping the makeup intact, a desirable trait for the long festive hours.  She moves on to using a lightweight foundation and a highlighting concealer. Face contouring, a technique that was privy to runway models and fancy photo shoots is a subtle definition to enhance the facial structure. Shreya also goes on to use the blush to add some color to the face.


She then moves on to the eye makeup and begins by defining the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Indian ladies are endowed with some thick eyebrows and often skip this step. But defining the eyebrows definitely, enhances the eyes and brings out the eye makeup. Using a golden eyeshadow. a must have for this festive season, Shreya uses a dark shaded (bronze) eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eyes while highlighting the inner corners with a white or silver eyeshadow. Using a jet black eyeliner to create thicker lashes and a mascara to open up the eyes, Shreya finishes off the eye makeup, looking absolutely gorgeous.


Applying a mauvy dusty colored lipstick that will flatter any outfit, Shreya finishes off this tutorial with a dazzling smile and a inspires us to try  this look for the festive season.

WOW! Shreya is a huge life savior and we cannot thank her enough! So ladies, catch the video down here and flaunt the assorted festive look this Diwali without a flinch.