Diwali is all set to come on October 27 and people can’t keep calm. Many of them started to clean and decorate their houses. Few have even started to buy gifts for friends and family. Well, all these things are meant to happen as this festival of light is all about prayer, impeccable food, and beautiful presents. In fact, gifts make Diwali, one of the eagerly wanting to arrive festivities. It has now become a tradition to exchange gifts and wish Happy Diwali. If you are yet not sure about what should be in your Diwali gift bag, you have reached the right place. We understand that huge discounts and an array of available options make it quite difficult to choose a gift. That is why, here, we help you with some of the classy, trendy, but eco-friendly gifts that you can buy for your relatives and acquaintances.

Sustainable clothes

You may find it boring but believe me, the moment you will offer a silk saree or khadi kurta to someone, she/he is surely going to like it. If you are spending money on something, isn’t it fair to invest in something that can last longer and yet look classy? Well, silk and khadi always remain in trend no matter which new brand or texture has come recently in the market. So, what are you waiting for? head towards a shop and pick clothes as per your set range.

Succulent Plants

Succulent plants are loved by almost all. They give a vibrant and positive feeling at home. Easy to care and stunning looking succulent plants come under trending gift ideas. You can pick a plant as per your colour choice and keep it at your home as well. To buy such plants, either you can directly go to shops available in the market or even can buy them online. There are various websites offering succulent plants.

Ayurvedic skin or/and body care products

What can be apter than a beauty kit? Everybody loves getting ready and look flawless. The idea of gifting ayurvedic skin care or body care products can never fail. In fact, it will surely bring a huge smile on the person’s face to which you will offer this gift.