Creamy cocoa butter is a type of vegetable fat that is associated with an array of benefits. It is extracted from cocoa beans by fermenting, drying, roasting and the pressing the beans. It is used as an active ingredient in beauty products by various manufactures. Cocoa butter has both health and beauty benefits to offer. It contains certain substances including catechin, that makes cocoa butter, a healthy food. From promoting skin health to treating inflammation and more, cocoa butter is used for various purposes. Here, we give you enough reasons to use cocoa butter.Also Read - Dark chocolate, cocoa butter important source of vitamin D

Boosts Skin Health

Applying beauty products containing cocoa butter on your face can alleviate dry skin and improve elasticity of your skin. It contains antioxidants like polyphenols that reduces inflammation and also protects your skin from sun damage.

Helpful For Removing Stretch Marks

If your skin is having stretch marks then cocoa butter is the best way to lighten its mark. Cocoa butter is a thick genuine fat that dissolves at body temperature. Clean the stretch mark part of your skin by soap and let them dry by way of a towel. Apply sufficient amounts of cocoa butter to wrap your stretch marks. Massage the cocoa butter onto your skin in spherical movement until and unless it’s soaked up. It’s an easy and home treatment to overcome the stretch marks whether it is due to increasing fat or pregnancy.

Provides Freedom From Frizzy Hair

You can use cocoa butter to style your hair and keep frizz away as well. Especially in winter one tends to have rough hair, to make it shiny and overcome the frozenness just rub a small amount of cocoa butter in your palms, and smooth over. You can mix a bit of coconut oil or an essential oil with it to give it a scent as well.

Can Heal Skin Problems

If you have any skin replenishing problem like burns, eczema or an infection then rub a small amount of pure cocoa butter into burnt skin to overcome the bruises. Make sure it doesn’t contain any alcohol, fragrances or other additives that end up making the skin even more inflamed and sensitive. It should be pure.

Lightens Scars

You can get a smooth texture to your skin as cocoa butter enters the dermis of the skin and helps to fade the scars, marks or sun spots on the skin. It has rich anti-oxidizing properties and it is popular for effectiveness in skin care routine. It has calming properties which have nutritional value and can be easily absorbed. Cocoa butter contains vitamin E, and helps in repairing the skin.

Helps in Smooth Shaves

Prefer cocoa butter for smooth and non-irritating shave. While shaving mix a bar form of cocoa butter with shave lotions that’s absolutely according to your preference. Cocoa butter is good for skin especially when you are shaving in winter, skin becomes rough and dead. So, it will leave your skin incredibly smooth.

Heals Cracked Skin

If your skin is sensitive in winter then try cocoa to heal dead and peel skin. Especially the skin of hands and legs are sensitive and are cracked as it lose its moisture, apply some cocoa butter and nourish your cracked and dry skin within a week.

Upgrades Immunity

As research shows that cocoa butter is helpful in boosting one’s immune system. Incorporating more cocoa butter into your diet and lifestyle can also encourage hormonal balance. Some of the medical conditions in which it benefits are mood disorders, heart disease, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and many more.

Helps in Relaxation

If you are so tired or want to unwind from a stressful day go for a long bath. Cocoa butter is an amazing addition to a warm bath. Not only will you enjoy the deep, rich scent of vanilla and chocolate, but your bath becomes a silky smooth haven from life’s stress. Drop about 2 tablespoons of cocoa butter in the warm water or you can add and spice up your bath by adding your favorite oil and feel the stress melt away. Same thing can be done for foot soak to heel the dry feet.

Good For Heart Health

Cocoa butter reduces the risk of heart attack as it helps with fat metabolism. Recent research is disputing the previous mindset that all fats are bad but we can introduce healthy fats into our diets by adding cocoa butter in our diet. The polyphenolic component of cocoa butter is not bad for heart patients as it can be preferred in the diet.

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