Relationships require a lot of effort to keep it going smooth. But it also doesn’t mean that you go out of your way to tolerate any kind of unacceptable behavior that comes your way. Here we are referring to those relations where one of the partners is highly possessive and it is silently ignored in the name of love.Also Read - Are You in a Healthy Relationship With Your Partner? 5 Red Flags That Tell You 'It's Time to Get Out'

There is a very fine line between having a protective boyfriend and a possessive boyfriend, a line that not many are well aware of. If you think all the dos and donts that your boyfriend has been imposing on you is only out of love, you might want to read this article. Not every action is done of out of love, sometimes it is also a sign of sheer control and dominance which in future will make your relationship toxic and painful to deal with.  Read to know what these signs (red flags) are exactly before things go out of control. Also Read - 5 Most Trustworthy Zodiac Signs Who Will Never Betray You

1. He can’t tolerate you praising someone else Also Read - Unlearning The Learning!


If your boyfriend hates you praising anybody especially people of the opposite sex, then this must be considered as a sign of jealousy.  Initially, it may look all cute to you, but if his reactions to this are bad, then this is something really serious.

2. He often keeps a tab on your call and message list

Suspicious boyfriend

He just cannot resist touching your phone. If he has to check your phone every time you guys meet, this is purely out of lack of trust. And this isn’t really good for the relationship. When in love, your boyfriend should trust you and doesn’t need to find out who all you interact with often.

3. Decides what you must wear


No man in love will ever judge his girl for her dress style.  So if your guy has been more often than not passing judgments about your choice of clothes, you need to put a stop to that.  So the next time you plan a date, do not wait for his approval. Just step out in your favorite pair of clothes.

4. They get paranoid about other men’s presence around you

jealous boyfriend

Colleagues, friends, clients or cousins are relations that your boyfriend probably wouldn’t understand if he is overly jealous and possessive.  If any male presence around you irks him and he instantly picks up a fight, then you either talk it out or reconsider being with him. If you let this grow, your relation will be nothing but toxic.

5. Keeps you away from friends and family


“I want you to be with me all the time; I miss you when you are not around.”  Have you heard this often? If yes, do not fall for it as a sign of love and passion. This is just his way of keeping you away from other people in your life like friends or family. Only a possessive and jealous boyfriend will stop you from socializing with anybody but him.

6. Decision making is something that he won’t let you do all alone


Whether you want to order food or go shopping, your boyfriend expects you to ask him before you do anything.  You will be put under pressure to do things he wants or likes, even when he has no role in it.

7. Bad temper and a quick reaction to everything


Does going out with friends, wearing your favorite clothes or doing anything you like anger him? Does he pick fights for the silliest reasons? If yes, be assured that you are with a guy who is extremely possessive.  Every couple has fights, but when the fights are ugly, like swearing and abusing, then it isn’t normal and not right.

8. Stalking you on social media

Jealous boyfriend

Monitoring your every like and post on Facebook to your Whatsapp profile picture and status is not the job of a guy in love.  And if your man has been questioning you on all these, consider it as a signal.  It is okay to even check, but if he repeatedly questions your motives, step back and ask him to stop doing it.

9. He wants to tag along everywhere

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Do you always find yourself with your boyfriend, even if it is a ladies night?  We are sure; you do not want to live this remote-controlled life. Talk to your boyfriend and tell him how this clingy behavior is unacceptable and not appreciated.

10. Emotionally manipulative

Emotionally destroyed girlfriend

Does he get things done his way by pulling out the love card? This is a way of emotionally manipulating you to defend his actions and behavior to force you into doing things just like he wants.  In fact, you may have already fallen for this and may have been justifying his actions under the pretext of being in love.  Stop right now and stand up against this. If you feel low on confidence in your relation, your boyfriend is the sole reason. Do not let him manipulate you.

To be in love is a beautiful feeling. The whole purpose of love is to complete each other and not to put each other in pain. Know the difference of being in love and being possessive.  Some things are certainly done out of love and concern. However the above mentioned points are definitely not a part of that list. You are lucky if you have a guy who does none of these!