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There is something so vibrant and wholesome about India that makes us miss it dearly when living abroad. Our love for India goes far beyond the country’s corruption, pollution, poverty and injustice because we see India in a light no one else can. Don’t get us wrong, we too detest the polluted air, the maze-like streets full of cars and auto rickshaws, the lenient regulations and constant violence against women, but we cannot deny the perpetual existence of the little bit of India we all have inside of us. Also Read - China Objects to Vice President Venkaiah Naidu's Visit to Arunachal Pradesh

We have compiled a list of everything we miss most about India. If you agree, or even if you disagree, comment below and tell us what makes you miss your country. Also Read - India vs Maldives Live Streaming SAFF Championship 2021 in India: When And Where to Watch IND vs MAL Live Stream Football Match Online on Discovery+, JIOTV; TV Telecast on Eurosport

  1. The Traditional Food: The yummy classic Indian dishes are what people pine for when they live in a foreign country. Just the mere mention of street-vendor food like savory gol-gappas, mouthwatering chaat, delicious mithai, spicy pav bhaji, and soft, round idlis will make you want to skip your sandwich for lunch and take the next flight back home.

  2. The True Masti of Indian Festivals: Of course, there are many Indo-American community events celebrating Diwali, Holi and Rakhi, but the charm of our festivities can be sensed only in our nation. Only in our country do you celebrate holidays with lots of food, family, friends, neighbors and the community as a whole.

  3. Affordable Medical Care: Talk about doctors, surgeries and treatments in countries abroad and you are usually hushed down because of the unbearable medical expenses and the craziness of insurance companies.  But, when in India, medical care is always within our means.

  4. The Maids: Every Indian household has a maid by default because labor in India is cheap. That’s the type of cheap household labor we yearn for on the days we have to do all the cleaning, laundry, cooking and grocery shopping, unless of course, you are one of the many rich NRIs who can afford living the luxurious Indian lifestyle in America.

  5. The Many Connections: In India, we undoubtedly have a lot of handy contacts that makes life so easy. So, you want a discount on booking a hotel for a party? Your mother’s cousin’s sister-in-law’s husband can help you with that. But, when in a foreign country, you have to fend for yourself and book everything online. There’s no such thing as special treatment for the common man, regardless of connections.

  6. The Bustling Crowds: We Indians inherently have an unknown affinity for people. Almost every place in India is crowded with a variety of people swarming from everywhere. But when living in a small, quiet, peaceful town in a foreign country, we miss the crowd and the rush of people that might have once irritated us.

  7. The Convenience of Neighborhood Shops: Most streets in India have small, convenient shops selling lots of essential and non-essential items for the everyday person and his/her home. So, you need a bar of soap, some snacks for the guests who abruptly stopped by and some cold drinks, just walk a few steps and buy it all from the neighboring shop. Here, we must drive to the nearest drug store or supermarket and shop like the regulars.

  8. The Loud Sounds and Noises: Life in India is nothing without the loud and constant honking, the local vegetable cart selling and negotiating to all sorts of patrons, the paper boy announcing his existence at every doorstep, the rowdy children playing on the street, or the music playing in a nearby temple. That’s what makes existence lively. A foreign land can sometimes get so quiet and depressing for an NRI.

  9. The Flexibility of Making Mistakes: This point reaffirms India’s lenient laws and regulations, but we do miss having an easygoing life where it was sometimes okay to make an illegal U-turn without the fear of getting a ticket and to throw a wrapper in the wrong trash can and to cross red lights.

  10. The Feeling of Belonging: We may have resided in another country for years now, yet we know deep down inside that we belong somewhere else. Our existence is defined not only by the place call our house, but the place we call our home and that is India.