Which place can be better than your kitchen to grow herbs that add an array of flavours to your recipes? It is, in fact, the best place to grow fresh plants for cost-conscious and healthy cooking. Also, herbs can enhance the beauty of your kitchen. But, before making your kitchen, your herb garden, you must keep in mind that these plants need sunlight for at least 5-7 hours. So, place them accordingly. Let’s know the type of herbs that you can grow in your cooking space. Also Read - How to Use These Miracle Herbs to Prevent Hair Fall


Basil is popular for its mind-boggling flavour in Italian foods like pizza, sauce, pasta etc. Also, it has loads of health benefits. Having strong antioxidant properties, basil can keep inflammation at bay. Also, it is good for digestion and skincare. Diabetics should have basil leaves every day to manage their blood sugar levels. Also Read - Immunity Sandesh: Kolkata Sweet Shop Prepares Dessert With 15 Different Herbs And Spices Amid COVID-19


To grow mint leaves in your kitchen, you can either buy mint seeds from the market or get some young mint plants from a nursery. Plant them in a pot and keep them in a partially shaded area. Notably, mint leaves spread quickly and have a refreshing odour and flavour. Adding mint leaves in your diet can make your digestion smooth. Its anti-inflammatory properties can heal any swelling. And, you can have them to cure headaches too. Also Read - Male Infertility: Consume These Herbs to Address The Condition


Cilantro can be grown in a container. You must be aware of the fact that cilantro plants are short-lived. For timely growth, you must keep the seeds fairly well watered all the time. Cilantro leaves are not only flavourful but healthy too. They help in lowering blood sugar level and boosting your immunity. Cilantro leaves are good for heart health too.