Looking back to the past few years, the vegan diet gained momentum across the world mainly due to its multiple health benefits, positive impact on the environment and animal cruelty-free nature. Today, many people have switched to a vegan diet, some have made it a part of their lifestyle while some have chosen to follow it for a short period. When on a vegan diet, you can be either be nutritionally well-balanced and healthy or be nutritionally deficient and unhealthy. One of the biggest challenges faced by vegans is to prepare their meals, which is not only completely vegan but also nutritious, gut-friendly and easy to make.Also Read - Here's How You Can Rate Your Favourite Food's Health Quotient on Food Compass

Many of us tend to skip breakfast to keep up with our fast-paced lives and fear the time-consuming preparations in the morning. Here are 3 easy vegan breakfast smoothies by Shivam Hingorani, founder, Ace Blend that are not only delectable but also the perfect blend of protein, carbs and good fats to kick start your day. Also Read - Veganism: The New-Found Rage

Nutty Chocolate Smoothie
• 300ml almond milk
• 3 tablespoons of raw chocolate vegan protein powder
• 1 tablespoon of stevia
• 5-6 almonds (blanched)
• 2 walnuts Also Read - What is a Vegan Diet? Foods You Can And Cannot Eat

In a blender, add in the almonds, walnuts, stevia and raw chocolate vegan protein powder and blend till you receive a fine powder-like consistency. Then add in the almond milk and blend again for 30-40 seconds. Your nutty chocolate smoothie is ready to drink. Best served with 2 cubes of ice.

Melon Lemon Smoothie
• 300 ml of almond milk
• ½ cup musk melon or honeydew melon
• 3 tablespoons green lime protein powder
• ½ avocado
• 6-7 mint leaves

First, dice the musk melon or honeydew melon and avocado and add into the blender. Then add in the lemon juice, green lime protein powder, almond milk and mint leaves and blend well till smooth. Pour into a mason jar and garnish with 2 mint leaves and your melon lemon smoothie is ready to consume.
Optional – Usually melons are sweet but if you want to increase its sweetness, add in a tablespoon of maple syrup.

Berry Burst Smoothie Bowl
• 2 frozen bananas
• 200ml almond milk
• 3 tablespoons green lime vegan protein powder
• 3-4 raspberries
• 3-4 blueberries
• 1 tablespoon of chia seeds soaked

Roughly chop the frozen bananas and add into a blender. Then add in the almond milk, green lime vegan protein powder, raspberries, blueberries and blend on high speed until you receive a smooth and thick consistency. Pour it into a bowl and keep in the freezer for 5 minutes again to make it cold and refreshing. Once done, top it with soaked chia seeds and your berry burst smoothie bowl is ready to eat.
Optional – feel free to use strawberries as an alternative.