3 Easy Ways to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair, Shahnaz Husain Shares Skincare Tips

Every woman has facial hair, but some of it is thicker and grows faster than others. Beauty expert shares easy ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

Published: January 7, 2022 2:32 PM IST

By Shahnaz Husain | Edited by Anjali Thakur

Facial Hair Removal
facial hair removal

There are many ways of removing facial hair. The method should be chosen according to quantity or thickness, location and rate of growth.

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The temporary methods are plucking and threading. For plucking, tweezers help to remove hair from the follicles. It is suitable for stray hair on the chin, as well as between and under the brows. It should not be used for hair on the upper lip. The area should be first wiped with cotton wool, soaked in a mild antiseptic solution. Avoid plucking out hair from a mole before consulting a doctor. Threading is very common. It is used for areas like the upper lip and the eyebrows. In fact, threading is done to shape the eyebrows. Frequent threading can cause skin irritations. On sensitive skins, there can be redness or a rash. Avoid threading on areas with eruptions, like pimples or acne.

  • Waxing can be used for facial hair. Many beauty salons offer “katori” waxing for facial hair. Cold wax is said to be safer for the face. Waxing strips are also available. Avoid waxing larger areas of the face.
  • Epilation: An epilator is a small gadget for hair removal. Epilators for facial hair are different from the ones for body hair. The effect lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks. Epilators pull out the hair by the roots. There may be initial pain.
  • The permanent methods are said to be Electrolysis and Laser. However, in both methods, some re-growth may appear. Now transdermal electrolysis, is done, in which needles are not used. It is important to find a skilled operator.

Laser produces an intense beam of light, which is absorbed by the hair follicles. The laser disables the hair follicle’s ability to produce hair. Cooling devices are used to prevent damage to the rest of the skin. Re-growth occurs in some cases. It is very important to find a good laser clinic.

Home remedies do not remove hair, but may lessen growth over a period of time. Make a thick paste of sugar, lemon juice and water and apply it in the direction of hair growth. Wash off when it dries. Apply it once or twice a week. Or, 3 teaspoons powdered barley can be mixed with one teaspoon cold milk and 2 to 3 teaspoons lemon juice. Apply and leave on for 20 minutes and then rinse off with water. Do this two to three times a week. It is said to discourage hair growth over a period of time.

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Published Date: January 7, 2022 2:32 PM IST