Planking is one of the easiest and most effective exercises you can do for a variety of benefits including weight loss, core strengthening, posture correcting, improved muscles strength and others. Planking has also shown to be effective in building up strength and endurance and reducing stress levels. The best part about planking is that it can be done anywhere, without any equipment and without any other paraphernalia. All you need is a good floor mat. Planking essentially targets the abdominal muscles. Make sure to have a clock in from of you to keep a tab on the timings. Also, you must make sure that you are doing planking only after learning from your gym instructor. You may injure yourself if you don’t plank well. Watch this video to know the right way of doing it.Also Read - 5 Effective Workout Beneficial For Immunity and Weight Loss

Here is how you can do five types of planks. Also Read - Trending News Today February 26 2020: 62-Year-Old Man Sets Record of Holding Abdominal Plank For 8 Hours, 15 Minutes And 15 Seconds

Standard Plank Also Read - This is The Correct Way to do a Plank

For this, be in a push-up position. Let your forearms support your weight and bend your arms and keep them below the shoulders. With your back straight, hold this position as long as possible. Do this for as long as you can. Do three sets of 20 reps to start off with it and gradually increase the time you spend holding the plank.

Side plank

 For this, lie down on your side with your feet on top of each other. Keep your arm below your body. Gradually lift your body and raise your hips. Hold this position for as long as you can.

 Rolling planks
For this, you will need to be in a standard plank position. Make sure to align your hands under your shoulders and keep your core engaged. Lift your right side and get into the side plank by balancing on your left hand and foot. Now, extend that right arm straight up towards the sky and roll back into the plank position. Roll into the side plank on the other side and come back into the plank position. Do 10 repetitions.