It is not uncommon to see best friends gradually becoming lovers and making long-term commitments. Thanks to Bollywood movies. They inspire us in some way and make it easy to believe that friends can be life partners too. Friendship happens on a very pious and platonic note without any expectation, insecurity or trust issues. It is simple and yet strong. When you spend hours together on a daily basis, it is normal to develop romantic feeling for the other person. And, this kind of love affair usually goes well. If you think your best friend is falling for you but not sure about it, here we tell you about certain signs that can confirm if he is in love with you.Also Read - Are You Emotionally Unavailable in a Relationship? Here is How to Fix The Problem

He is Showing Too Much Affection

Friends show love by teasing and making fun of each other. Whereas lovers have a different way of expressing affection. If your partner in crime has become overly affectionate, something is going on in his head and heart. Warmth comes with romantic love. So, it is a sign that he is falling for you. Also Read - Relationship Signs That Tell if You Are With The Right Person

He Keeps on Gazing at You

It is the strongest sign that prove, your best friend is head over heels for you or falling madly in love with you. If he constantly stares at you and smiles in a shy way whenever he gets caught by you, the person is definitely in love with you. Also Read - Common Relationship Mistakes You Commit as Per Your Zodiac Sign

He is Attentive Towards You

If your best friend is weirdly attentive towards you, it is a sign that something is brewing in his heart. If your friend is going extra mile to make you happy and please you, he cares for you and is in love with you. Do not ignore this sign and if you also have such feeling, go ahead and express your love.