Tell me if you agree to this. When you apply nail polish, your nails look attractive, however, soon they lose their impressive look after you indulge in any work that involves the use of water and soap or detergent. Do you relate to this? Also Read - New fatwa: Don't wear nail polish

Well, nail polish doesn’t last forever and you need to reapply it after every 4 to 7 days. Some people apply the fresh nail polish on leftover patchy nail polish already on your nails. You should refrain from doing that as it doesn’t give a fine finish to your nails. Also Read - Renault launches Twingo nail polish for women drivers that can also fix scratches, faces ire from people!

Sometimes, your chipped nails get your attention just before a professional meeting or a romantic date. In that case, you feel helpless especially if you do not have a nail polish remover handy. Also, if you are a fashion follower and loves matching your nails with the colour of your outfit, you must be applying nail polish almost every day after removing the previously applied one. This may leave you run out of nail polish remover sometimes.

In these situations, you can try some easily available alternatives to nail polish. Read further to know about them.


Deodorants may take a while to remove the nail paint but it works. You just need to spray it on your nails and rub with a cotton pad. Apply the deodorant again and again until the nail polish goes away completely.


Toothpaste contains ethyl acetate, which is also present in nail polish removers. This is why toothpaste works in removing nail polish. All you need to do is to rub toothpaste on your nails with cotton until you get rid of the nail polish.

Hand Sanitiser

During the current time, almost everybody carries a hand sanitiser every time. Put a few drops of the sanitiser on your nails and rub using a cotton ball. Repeat it until you get the required result.