Water is one of the most essential needs of the human body. Without it, we cannot survive. Our body is 60 per cent fluid and therefore we need to keep it hydrated for optimum body function. It requires water for metabolic processes. Getting dehydrated means giving invitation to fatigue lethargy, dizziness etc. So, drinking enough water is significant. Also, having water the correct way is equally important. Most of us do common mistakes while drinking water that can put us in trouble. Let’s know about them.Also Read - Sheep in Ireland Become Sexually Overactive After Drinking Water Contaminated With Viagra

Drinking Water While Standing

There is a valid reason why your mother keeps asking you not to drink water while standing. Doing this does not let your body get the nutrients from the water as it goes directly to your belly. This can also disturb your oxygen level and lung and heart health. Also Read - Drinking Water Mistakes That Are Making You Unhealthy

Gulping Down Water Quickly

Having bigger sips and drinking water in a rush helps impurities in the kidney and the bladder to accumulate below. Therefore it is advised to have water slowly as it has various benefits. Taking small sips can keep your digestive function optimum by improving your metabolism.

Drinking Water Just Before or After a Meal

Drinking water right before a meal should be avoided as doing this can make you feel full and you won’t be able to eat enough. This can prevent you from getting the right nutrition. And, drinking water just after a meal can disrupt your digestion and may even lead to nausea and constipation.