Love sipping on chai as it rains outside? Several studies have found that tea has many incredible health benefits. Besides, it is just so refreshing to have a hot cup of chai. This is why everyone from the Chinese to the British love having their tea. While a cup of garam chai can help you in many ways, you can make your simple cup even stronger. All you need to do is add some powerful natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar says that you must drink chai not only because it calms your mind but also because it can work wonders for your body. Check out what you need to add to your tea to give it that extra kick.

Ginger and tulsi: According to Rujuta, both of these are excellent for digestion and immunity. This season is known for a number of illnesses including cough and cold. Ginger and tulsi have strong infection-fighting properties. This is why grated ginger and chopped and muddled tulsi leaves are a must in your cup of tea. Just add these two ingredients when you are boiling the water along with the other ingredients.

Lemongrass: Rujuta says that this green leafy herb is excellent for preventing bloating and congestion. Easily available at your nearest sabziwala, lemongrass can work wonders in easing indigestion.

Black pepper or cinnamon: Both of these not only lend a strong flavour to the tea, but they also help improve insulin sensitivity.

Here are some FAQs on chai as answered by Rujuta Diwekar:
1. When not to have chai/coffee?
– first thing on waking up
– last thing before sleeping
– in place of a meal during the day

2. How many cups a day?
2-3 cups are totally fine.

3. With sugar or sugarfree?
Add sugar to your chai/coffee, avoid the invisible sugar from packaged food (breakfast cereals, fruit juice, biscuits, etc).
And have it in full fat milk please.