One of the most important reasons for our addiction to junk food is the fact that it is high in sodium. A number of studies have shown that food that’s high in sodium tends to be more appealing to the palate and also more addictive. This is why we just can’t have enough of those chips! Besides making us want to eat more of it, excessive intake of salt as also been associated with a number of health risks including hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, thanks to the main culprit in it, sodium chloride. The worst part is many junk food brands stealthily put sodium in a number of foods without revealing the actual content. But now, scientists seem to have found a solution to our problem. A group of researchers from Washington State University have found a way to make salt formulation with the same taste but less sodium chloride than our usual table salt. The study published in the Journal of Food & Science says that this is a good way to make people eat less sodium and hence have better health. While we can hope that this new table salt becomes more popular, we need to keep a watch on our sodium intake. WHO recommends less than 5 gm of salt per day. But, thanks to our dependence on fast food and processed food, it is safe to say that we are all crossing that limit. Here are ways a high-sodium diet can harm you, besides giving you high blood pressure:

High risk of death: A recent study by Lancet journal which analysed data from 195 countries, found that diets high in sodium, low in whole grains, and low in fruit lead to over five million diet-related deaths globally in 2017. A study showed how increased sodium intake and increased risk of death were closely linked. In fact, both low levels and high levels of sodium consumption are associated with increased mortality.

High risk of dementia: A 2018 study showed that a diet high in salt can reduce the blood flow to the brain and cause dementia which means that high dietary salt intake and neurovascular and cognitive impairment are linked.

Accelerated ageing: A diet high in salt is likely to make you age faster. This is because salt can lead to water retention and bloating which reduce the water intake of your internal organs that leads to dehydration. This has a disastrous effect on your skin.