A mother from the UK shared a remedy for chicken pox itching that has gone viral. According to news reports, when the mother approached her doctor to treat her daughter’s chicken pox, the doctor suggested an unusual hack that worked for the little girl. According to the doctor, soaking yourself or your kid in a tub with water with a popular shampoo diluted in it can help relieve the itching. The mother claims that once she tried the remedy for chicken pox, the itching completely stopped in just an hour. Before you proceed to try this, you must consult with your doctor. Also Read - Glaciers in Italy Covered With Giant White Sheets to Slow Melting Caused by Global Warming, Pictures Emerge

One of the most common infections in summer is chicken pox. Chicken pox is a contagious disease that’s caused because of a virus, Varicella Zoster virus (VZV). You have to take extreme precautions when dealing with someone who has chicken pox because if that person comes in contact with you via touch, or if he sneezes or coughs near you, it is highly likely that you will get chicken pox too. When you have chicken pox you will need to deal with the annoying and painful rashes and itching that accompanies it. Once you get these rashes, you should strictly avoid contact with others to prevent its spread. For a few days right after the rashes appear, you will feel the urge to scratch yourself. But you must never ever do that since itching can worsen and further spread the infection. Here are some popular hacks for dealing with chicken pox itching: Also Read - Weather Update: Delhi Will Continue to Record Over 40 Degrees Celcius Till June 18, Says IMD

Wear socks on your hands or your kids’ hands to prevent scratching, especially at night while you are sleeping. You may not realise that you are itching yourself when you are sleeping. Also Read - Tips to Style Your Off-Shoulder Top And Look Flattering This Summer

For taking a bath, put some neem leaves in a bucket of water and then pour the water over yourself. Neem leaves have powerful antibacterial and antivirus properties that can promote quicker healing of rashes and prevent infection. You could also add oatmeal in warm water and use that water for taking a bath.
Saltwater is also excellent for treating infections and relieving itching.

If you have the urge to scratch, you can take a few twigs of the neem tree and gently brush over the rashes to get relief. Just make sure to wash the neem leaves thoroughly with warm water before using it on your skin. If there is dirt on them, your skin could be infected with that.

Keep your nails trimmed. Sharp and long nails can be bad for the rashes and can spread the infection.