Hair bleaching is quite prevalent these days. Those who are bored of their hair colour or want to try something new opt for bleaching. It is a process during which certain chemicals are used to remove the colour of your hair. It gives a new shade to your hair. Post bleaching, people use colors to give a different look to their hair and make it shinier too. Though hair bleaching is common, you should not go for it. Thinking why? Well, it can permanently damage your hair and scalp in many ways. Here we tell you some of the side-effects of hair bleaching.Also Read - Hair Care: Try These 6 Haircare Regime for Winters

Bleaching Can Damage Your Scalp

Your scalp is not used to tolerating strong chemicals used for bleaching. Applying bleach on your hair and leaving it for a couple of hours can hurt your scalp and give it a tingling sensation if it comes in contact with the bleach. You may also experience itching and allergic reaction which can be bad. Also Read - Tired of Hairfall Post COVID-19 Recovery? Try Malaika Arora’s Haircare Remedy to Curb Hair Loss

Bleaching Makes Your Hair Dry

For hair bleaching, the process of oxidation is used. This makes your hair super dry and lifeless and that can lead to hair fall and onset of dandruff too. Also, bleaching makes your hair prone to damage by making it brittle. You may also start noticing split-end riddled hair.

Bleached Hair Needs Extra Care

If you do not have too much time to look after your hair and pamper it, you should not opt for hair bleaching as bleached hair is high maintenance. As bleaching makes your hair prone to damage, it requires too much aftercare that includes following a hair care routine religiously, using expensive hair products every day, going for a touch up of roots every few weeks, etc.

Bleaching Takes Away The Moisture From Your Hair

Maintaining a certain level of moisture and protein balance is important for keeping your hair strong. Bleaching disrupts these levels and makes your hair prone to breakage.