With the onset of summer, skin infections become all too common. The heat, poor hygiene and sweat combine with each other to lead to problems like rashes, itching, heat boils etc. One of the first places in our body to get affected by this is our pubic area. Apart from proper hygiene, what most men falter at is the choice of underwear. A few basic checks can help you save time and effort. Here are some common mistakes that men make when it comes to choosing their underwear.Also Read - JDU MLA Trolled After He Was Spotted Roaming in Undergarments on Train, Claims 'Stomach Was Upset' | Watch

1. Wearing only boxers: Also Read - Viral Video: Woman Removes Her Underwear to Use As Mask in Supermarket, 'Disgusting', Say Shoppers

“Boxers are the best alternative if you are logging off for the day, or if you’re wearing them under baggy jeans. But, if you’re heading to a formal event and people can see your boxer bunch through your pants, you are losing the formalwear game by all means. Boxers don’t provide the necessary support you need during your everyday hustle or sports activities and should be strictly avoided there,” says Yogesh Kabra, Founder of XYXX. Also Read - You Don’t Need to Wash This Underwear For Days, Weeks, or Even Months

2. Compromising on fabric:

Yeast infections develop under materials which trap heat and moisture like polyester. “Materials like cotton or softer materials like Lenzing Micromodal give you room to breathe. Microfibre waistbands help you prevent rashes and provide a good grip on your waist. Materials with moisture-wicking technology keep you dry and light,” says Yogesh.

3. Choosing the incorrect size:

A guy’s physique accentuates when he wears the perfect size. If you get thigh marks because of the leg bands delving into your thighs, you have brought a size small. If your innerwear slips when you bend, maybe the size is too big for you.

4. Not investing in activewear:

High-intensity activities need good support for the extensive movement. Before heading to the gym, or going for your daily jog, make sure you have a guard for your contact sports. There are different options like boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, trunks and jockstrap in the market. Jockstrap provides full support for contact sports.

When you buy innerwear, make sure you know your purpose: whether it’s for formal wear, casual wear, active wear or for just lounging at home. Look at the fabric, the fitting and the style. Go for something that goes with your body type. An innerwear that bunches, or has wedgies is not for you. Aftercare of your innerwear is also an important factor for good hygiene. If the waistband is loose and slips it’s time to throw your underwear and get a new one.