A research published in the Journal of Pediatrics says constipation and picky eating in kids are strongly linked to each other. In the study, it was observed that children who suffer from chronic constipation are often extra sensitive when it comes to eating foods of different textures, tastes and odours. They also have ‘heightened sensory sensitivity,’ according to the research. Since constipation and picky eating are both grave concerns when it comes to children’s health, it is important for parents and doctors to tackle these urgently in order to avoid more severe health complications later. Also Read - Papaya Health Benefits: Beneficial For Weight Loss, Fights Aging, And More

Here are some tips you can follow to help your kids eat healthy and prevent problems like constipation:
Make them eat all vegetables: Now, we know how difficult that is. In fact, this is the very thing that’s tricky to achieve for most parents. But the best part about our Indian recipes is that a lot of ingredients can be stealthily put in without the kids realizing it. Mashed vegetables like green leafy vegetables are best incorporated into dals, curries and soups. You can easily mask the taste and smell but adjusting other ingredients like herbs and spices. Similarly, pav bhajis, pastas and even pulaos and fried rice are dishes that you can try sneaking vegetables in. You could also make sauces, ketchup and dips with different mashed and pureed vegetables. Make pancakes with moong beans. Just don’t go overboard with the vegetables you’re trying to hide. Or you can get caught! Also Read - Think Your Job's Tough? This Thailand Vet's Face Got Bombed by Faeces While Treating A Constipated Elephant | Watch At Your Own Risk

Fruits can be disguised as desserts: If your kids refuse to eat certain fruits, you can blend a variety of fruits into milkshakes or smoothies. Garnish and top with ingredients like chocolate chips or chopped almonds and dry fruits. You could also make fruit popsicles by pureeing the fruits and freezing them in popsicle mould along with sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. Also Read - Home Remedies For Constipation: Consuming This Desi Ingredient Can Help You Get Rid of The Problem

Give the butter a twist: Peanut butter and almond butter have become increasingly common these days. While they are a good way to ensure your kids eats nuts, it is not a good idea to but store-bought ones. These can contain artificial preservatives and sweeteners. All you need to do is whisk a handful of almonds or peanuts with a bit of salt in a grinder till you get a smooth consistency. Spread these on a piece of toast and you get a healthy snack.

Make nutritious chips: Does your kid love potato chips? Who doesn’t! You can make delicious chips with other vegetables too. Just thinly slice vegetables like sweet potatoes and beetroots and bake them in an oven with a bit of seasoning.