Have you heard of a term, ‘non-verbal learning disability’? If you are thinking that it is basically the inability to read or write, you are mistaken. It is a learning disability that affects kids and is characterized by inability to understand the social cues. A child with this condition may have strong vocabulary and reading skills but he will face trouble in interpreting nonverbal cues like body language, facial expressions, etc. Some common symptoms of this condition include being clumsy, lost, facing difficulty in coping with changes in daily routine, following multistep instructions, and showing repetitive behaviour. A child with a non-verbal learning disability usually understands things literally. They have poor visual and body coordination.

Visual awareness

Kids with a non-verbal learning disability find it quite a task to copy a particular shape. They find it difficult to perceive the image correctly. Also, they cannot establish or understand a link between two things or people.

High Order Comprehension

The non-verbal learning disability makes it difficult for children to identify the main idea behind a task or notice significant details. They either keep everything in mind without being able to prioritize things as per importance or won’t remember anything at all. This can impact a kid’s reading and writing ability.

Solving mathematical problems

Kids with a non-verbal learning disability are good at just memorizing things. So, in the initial phase or schooling days, they learn every step of a mathematical problem and solution and perform well. However, later in life, they find it difficult to solve advanced and long mathematical problems. They also face trouble in recognizing the equations.

Communicating socially

As mentioned above, kids affected with this disability are unable to read or understand a person’s facial expression or body language, they are weak in social communication. Things or expressions that are easily picked up by others seem difficult to perceive by kids with NVLD.


A child with NVLD cannot organize his thinking or plan and carry out a particular task. They lack in planning skills.