The first rule for any diet is to monitor the number of calories you consume in a day. There are several diets like 1500 calories per day diet and 1200 calories per day diet, that are based on the calorie intake as the number of calories you consume should be less than the number of calories your body burns in a day to lose weight. You have to make sure that the calories you are consuming are from a healthy source and it is advisable to stay away from the bar if you are trying to lose weight. However, if you do not want to miss out on the fun at a party, there are some alcoholic drinks you can have without worrying about the calorie count. An important point to remember here that you should not mix drinks as drinking more than one type of alcohol can lead to increase the number of calories. So, here is a list of alcohols you can have if you are on a diet. (ALSO READ Top 6 Harmful Effects of Drinking Alcohol).Also Read - Yoga Asana to Boost Memory And Concentration

1. Rum

With just 97 calories in one shot, rum and diet coke is the perfect drink for you. It contains zero sugar and zero carbs. So, next time you are on diet and want to have a drink, go for rum and diet coke, You can also have it with soda. Also Read - Hair Loss Due to COVID-19 - What You Immediately Need to Know

2. Vodka

Vodka also contains 97 calories per shot and has zero carbs and sugar. You can have vodka with soda or squeeze in some fresh fruit. This will taste great and will have fewer calories than other drinks. Also Read - PCOS Diet And Nutrition Tips: Foods to Eat And Avoid to Prevent PCOS

3. Wine



Wine is little on the higher side with about 110 to 130 calories per five ounces. Wine is also considered healthy as it is rich in antioxidants and has several nutrients. It also contains magnesium, potassium and iron. So, get a glass of wine and enjoy.

4. Gin

Gin has about 110 calories per shot and contains zero sugar and carbs. You can have a gin martini with a couple of olives in it and the drink will have less than 200 calories. Don’t drink gin and tonic as it is loaded with sugar.

5. Whisky

A single shot of whisky contains 105 calories along with 0.03 grams of sugar and 0.03 grams of carbs per ounce. Have it with soda or on the rocks and you will enjoy a drink without worrying about the calorie count.

Warning: Alcohol is harmful for your health. So, drink with caution.